Transcending Madness in Halifax

It was a splendid weekend here in Halifax. Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche spoke to a crowd of 550 on the bardos of experience and how to "transcend the madness" of it all, as Chogyam Trungpa liked to say. To preview the event for the local Chronicle Herald, reporter Jon Tattrie spoke earlier by phone with Rinpoche and dove straight into the bardo message, giving all of Nova Scotia [...]

Meditation Research Roundup

The Buddhist Channel directed us to a story on by Michael Haederle, who just wrote a wonderful piece in the January Shambhala Sun (on newsstands in about a week) about practicing with 100-year-old Sasaki Roshi, a rabid traditionalist who is also a principal teacher of Leonard Cohen. In the piece on Miller-McCune, Haederle heads in a trendier more modern [...]

John Welwood on Spiritual Practice and Relationships

John Welwood is not a prolific writer but when he's ready to say something, it's important. If you're not familiar with his work, John is one of the leading exponents of a Buddhist-based approach to psychology and psychotheraphy. We have an outstanding new essay in the November Shambhala Sun that I've found both impressive for its view and directly applicable to my own life. [...]

The Delicious Music of Kesang Marstrand

Bodega Rose is the debut album of singer-songwriter-guitarist Kesang Marstrand (daughter of artist and activist Marianne Marstrand and Ngoedup Tsering, who translated for the 16th Karmapa back in the day). Kesang's is a relaxed and delicious voice—have a listen to "Real Boys". Says one fan, the music blogger Songs:Illinois: "There’s an exotic nature to her songs that goes far [...]

What Price Beauty?

I've always dismissed beauty pageants as sexist events that treat women like poodles at a dog show. But Emily Wax, writing for The Washington Post, gives an interesting look at the pros, cons, and complexities of having a Miss Tibet. Miss Tibet, a Pageant Loaded With Controversy and Drama DHARMSALA, India -- For Buddhists, the first noble truth is that all life is suffering -- [...]

The Most Buddhist American Holiday

Appropos the day, Doug McGill writes in the print newsletter of the New York Buddhist Church: "Thanksgiving is the most Buddhist American holiday, because its name describes a human virtue that is universally valued across all Buddhist traditions: gratitude. Gratitude is everywhere one looks in Buddhism, and for a simple reason. Thanks to the law of dependent origination, we [...]

Papa Christos: The Full Story

A village priest/shaman enters into spiritual battle with the demons who haunt the soul of Zen cynic George Crane. That's the dramatic stuff of Crane's story Papa Christos, which is in the November issue of the Shambhala Sun. The issue is still on the newsstands for another week or so, but we've decided to post the complete Papa Christos story here. [...]


As I listen, read, and look at the news these days, I'm served a steady diet of panic and fear. Freaking out is assumed to be the appropriate way to deal with threats to our security, but Buddhism rather sees it as an opportunity to not be so hung up on our security. Even in evolutionary terms, humans did not get to the top of the chain, so to speak, through their powers of [...]

Writer of Oliver Stone’s “W” to speak at LA Shambhala Center

The LA Shambhala Center (Westside) is hosting a panel discussion with Stanley Weiser, writer of Oliver Stone's film "W" (and "Wall Street") on Sunday, December 7 at 5 pm. He will be discussing how his Buddhist meditation practice has influenced his career (his talk is titled "Searching for Sanity in Show Business"). This is a free event. For more information, visit the LA [...]

Conference on Happiness Wraps Up in San Francisco

Author, editor and advisor to the Buddhist Channel Gary Gach reports from the Happiness & Its Causes conference that just ended in San Francisco: Have you heard? "Positive psychology" is a term for a deep shift in thinking among some in the psychology community—which, until now, has focused largely on treating neurosis. There's a new emphasis on discovering our great [...]