How to put out a fire


Living in the foothills north of Los Angeles, and being -- yet again -- surrounded by wildfire, Karen Maezen Miller has seen with her own eyes this week the startling science of extinguishing fires. Here's what she's learned, and what it might mean for our practice.  "Diligently practice the Way as though putting a fire out on top of your head." There is engaging language [...]

Interdependence Project’s new website launched

Dear IDP Community , We are so happy to announce that after a long summer of work, our amazing new website has launched! Visit: This website is designed to be highly interactive, a place you'll want to visit to see what's going on, both in our in-person and online communities. The new website project was spearheaded by our awesome Associate Director [...]

Buddhist pulls cars with her hair

On SunSpace, we reported the story of 52-year-old Zhang Tingting, a Chinese Buddhist who uses kung fu to pull 8 cars with her hair —in her last stunt before having it shaved to become a nun. Watch the video here. [...]

Family Dharma Center planned for Clovis, CA

Plans are underway for a Family Dharma Center in Clovis, CA. "It’s been a long time coming for Fresno Buddhist Temple, a Kern Street fixture since 1902, whose members have wanted to move to the area where many of their young families live." Catch the full story on the Fresno Bee. [...]

Dogen: The Movie shows at Village Zendo in NYC, Sept 2

Wednesday, Sept 2 at 
7:00 p.m. at Village Zendo in New York City:  Dogen: The Movie. The inspiring true story of legendary Zen Master Dogen is brought to vivid life on the screen, more than 750 years after he lived his extraordinary life. Roshi Pat O'Hara says, "Kick off the 'Back to the Zendo Season' with the story of the founder of our sect: Dogen. This film teaches [...]

Buddhism and Sex: Would Sid have a threesome with my roommate?

Over at the OneCity blog on Beliefnet, Lodro Rinzler now appears as advice columnist. He's taking questions from readers about "What would Sid Do?" "Many people look to [the historical buddha and prince] Siddhartha as an example of someone who attained nirvana, a buddha", he says. "But here we look at a younger Sid as a confused guy struggling with his daily life. What would [...]

Buddhist Tipitaka presented to Otago University

Reports the Otago Daily Times: "Staff at the University of Otago felt fortunate and thrilled to receive a copy of the Tipitaka (Buddhist scriptures) from the 60th Dhammachai Education Foundation of New Zealand and Australia on Thursday." Read the story here. [...]

Shambhala Sun Urban Retreat in San Francisco, Oct 2-4

Join the Shambhala Sun for our first-ever Urban Retreat, this one in San Francisco (Oct 2-4) with Buddhist teachers Sylvia Boorstein, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and Zoketsu Norman Fischer. Our topic is Wisdom for Difficult Times: What the Buddhists Teach. "We can’t always control what happens to us in life, but we can change how we react... Many Americans have already discovered how [...]