Announcing “The Under 35 Project”

From our friend Lodro Rinzler — author of the new book, The Buddha Walks Into a Bar: A Guide to Life for a New Generation, as well as a few SunSpace posts we hope you’ve had a chance to see (you’ll find links to these below) — comes a call for submissions for a new project, one we’re pleased to have a part in. If you’re under 35 or know someone who is, we hope you’ll check it out, and spread the word. Take it away, Lodro..:

I am pleased to announce this call for submissions for The Under 35 Project. I hope you’ll join me there! The Under 35 Project is a place for Buddhist practitioners under the age of 35 to write about and discuss what it’s like to live the dharma every day. Shambhala Publications, one of the world’s pre-eminent publishers of dharma books, is hosting the premier conversation on what it is you go through in bringing mindfulness and compassion into all aspects of your life. The site launches in April and each month we will focus on a different topic and invite you to share your wisdom.

In April we will explore Sex and Dating. How can you drop fixed expectations when searching for love on a dating website? Can you bring compassion principles into a random hookup? Is it possible to meet someone at a bar, if you’re genuine about your intention? Is it ever beneficial to tell someone they have no shot with you? Is it possible to love more than one person? Share with us a story (or stories) about how you brought your meditation practice off the cushion and into these two very potent realms of sex and dating.

We are putting out a call for personal essays up to 2,500 words (less is great too!). Please note the use of the word personal. We’re interested in you and what it’s been like for you to discover, embrace, reject, and/or deepen your personal path as a Buddhist, Buddhist wannabe, or Buddhist rebel. In other words, we’re not so much looking for explanations of the dharma as we are stories of how you interpret the dharma and what happens when you try to live as a practitioner.

In addition to being featured on the Under 35 Project, some of the best writing will be published online by the Shambhala Sun,and eventually your work may be featured as part of an eBook or book published by Shambhala Publications. If you’re interested in becoming an author, this is a great place to start.

You can be as creative as you like. A traditional essay is fine, but you could also submit a poem, short story, or screenplay. Artwork, videos, and more are welcome too. This is a dialogue, and your voice can come through in any number of ways.

Deadline: to ensure your piece will be featured on the Under 35 Project we ask that you submit it by March 25th. After that, submissions on this topic will be accepted on a rolling basis over the course of April and posted as the staff deems appropriate.

The website launches in April, so for the time being please direct all submissions and questions to me, Lodro Rinzler, at lodrorinzler<at>

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  1. says

    sounds like a great idea!
    I'm in a committed relationship and not dating so I may pass up on this topic but i want to be apart of this project for sure!

    Sac Urban Dharma would be happy to spread the word!

  2. numbermancy says

    Changing hands, not changing shovels;
    in the black for the black list with five coins dropped.
    If six braids wind up for double-helix triple knot,
    eight maids milk endless herd of cows.