Bhante Henepola Gunaratana on Vipassana Meditation


In the direct, insightful style for which he is known, Bhante Henepola Gunaratana teaches the meditation technique known as Vipassana and explains why only meditation addresses the human condition. Meditation is not easy. It takes time and it takes energy. It also takes grit, determination, and discipline. It requires a host of personal qualities that we normally regard as [...]

Meet a Teacher: Larry Yang

Larry Yang, Shambhala Sun, Lion's Roar, Buddhism

As immigrant Asian Americans in the McCarthy era, my parents were not able to get housing within the city limits of Philadelphia, so I grew up in the working-class suburb of Levittown. While I sensed early on that I was different from other boys, I didn’t have any words that came close to describing “gay” in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The tensions of “not belonging” [...]

What kinds of programs can Buddhist centers offer children?

children, theravada, lion's roar, buddhism, buddhadharma

In this excerpt from a sweeping conversation about Theravada practice in everyday life, Buddhadharma asks three teachers what kinds of programs centers can for families and children. Marcia Rose: The Insight Meditation Society in Barre has had a family retreat for many years, one of the first in the Theravada tradition in the West. It has grown tremendously as people have [...]

Entering the Jhanas

Jhanas, Leigh Brasington, Concentration, Buddhadharma, Lion's Roar, Buddhism, Theravada

Entering the jhanas is not easy—the harder you try, the more difficult it becomes. But as Leigh Brasington explains, you can make yourself ready for them to open up to you. Perhaps no aspect of the Buddha's teaching has been both more misunderstood and neglected than right concentration. Yet right concentration is obviously an integral part of the Buddha's path to awakening: [...]

Advice for someone who is dying

ajahn chah, death, lion's roar, buddhism

Ajahn Chah's simple, profound advice to an aging student approaching her death. Today I have brought nothing material of any substance to offer you, only Dhamma, the teachings of the Buddha. Listen well. You should understand that even the Buddha himself, with his great store of accumulated virtue, could not avoid physical death. When he reached old age, he relinquished his [...]

How to celebrate Mindfulness Day on September 12

meditation, flash mob, mindfulness, bhante, lion's roar, buddhism, day of mindfulness

Each year on September 12 people around the world celebrate Mindfulness Day through workshops, meditation groups, or simply taking a few minutes out of their days to be mindful. For over 20 years, Bhante Gunaratana's classic book Mindfulness in Plain English has been an entry-point into mindfulness practice. The following excerpt from Mindfulness in Plain English gives a clear [...]

How to Do Metta

Kuan Yin, Liza Matthews, Compassion, Metta, Jack Kornfield, Lion's Roar, Buddhism, Shambhala Sun

Kuan Yin, bodhisattva of compassion. Photo by Liza Matthews. Jack Kornfield on beginning this time-honored, heart-opening practice. In our culture, people find it difficult to direct loving-kindness to themselves. We may feel that we are unworthy, or that it’s egotistical, or that we shouldn’t be happy when other people are suffering. So rather than start loving-kindness [...]

There Is a Path that Frees Us from Suffering


August, 2015 Update: Gina's husband, John Fowle, died on July 28, 2015. See below for details on donating to his memorial fund. Photos by Donna Svennevik. Insight teacher Gina Sharpe is working to create a truly inclusive sangha. The place to start, she says, is facing the truth that even Buddhist communities aren’t free from the suffering caused by racism. A profile by [...]