Pema Chödrön and Jack Kornfield talk “The Wondrous Path of Difficulties”

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A conversation with Pema Chödrön and Jack Kornfield, moderated by Michael Krasny about the everyday difficulties that provoke us, reveal our habitual patterns, and ultimately transform us. Call it luck, good luck. A sellout crowd of over 3,000 people arrives at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco to listen to a discussion with two of America's most respected and [...]

No Big Deal: On Metta & Forgiveness

No Big Deal Heidi Bourne Father Daughter Retreat Metta Practice Lion's Roar Buddhism

When I first learned about loving-kindness or Metta practice, I thought it was a little weird. Not that it’s weird to make a practice of inclining our hearts and minds towards goodwill, but a little weird to do it by silently repeating the same phrases over and over again as the meditation practice itself; May I be happy… May I be safe… May I be well. The idea of offering [...]

Ask the Teachers: How do I share the dharma with my kids?

Ask the Teachers Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche Narayan Liebenson Grady Parenting Vajrayana / Tibetan Buddhism Zen Zenkei Blanche Hartman

Question: I have two sons, one seven and the other fourteen. I’d like to introduce them to meditation and the Buddhist teachings but it’s difficult to compete with Nintendo games, favorite television shows, and all the other exciting and flashy things kids gravitate to these days. How can I share the gift of dharma with my sons without trying to force it on them and potentially [...]

The Four Highest Emotions


"True love exists when the heart is so broadly trained that it can embrace all human beings and all living creatures." When we think of love, we have ideas that are purely personal and, on the whole, quite fanciful. They are based in general on our desire to be loved, from which we expect fulfillment. In reality love fulfills only the one who loves. If we understand love [...]

Learn the “BASICS” of Insight Meditation

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The term “insight meditation” comes from the Pali word Vipassana. It is the ability to see clearly and deeply into what is unfolding in our lives. Insight practice reveals what has created our present conditions and allows us to more fully live in the present moment. This is so valuable for our ability to make conscious choices to better our lives. It is why the Buddha said [...]

There Is a Path that Frees Us from Suffering

Gina Sharpe Racism Suffering

Insight teacher Gina Sharpe is working to create a truly inclusive sangha. The place to start, she says, is facing the truth that even Buddhist communities aren’t free from the suffering caused by racism. A profile by Andrea Miller. Buddhist teacher Gina Sharpe once asked a student why she only attended meditation retreats that were specifically for people of color. “Gina,” [...]

You Can’t Fail at Meditation

You Can't Fail at Meditation Sharon Salzberg Dan Harris Joseph Goldstein Mark Epstein Buddhism Shambhala Sun

Dan Harris gets the inside story on mindfulness and compassion from Buddhist teachers Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, and Mark Epstein. It was a pretty sweet opportunity, really. The poobahs from the Shambhala Sun Foundation came to me and said: pick your favorite Buddhist teachers, and we’ll set up a public speaking event for you in New York City. Also, they promised to [...]

The Sunlight of Awareness

Thich Nhat Hanh Sunlight of Awareness Practice

Shine the warm light of awareness on your thoughts and feelings, says Thich Nhat Hanh. Observe the changes that take place in your mind under the light of awareness. Even your breathing has changed and become “not-two” (I don’t want to say “one”) with your observing self. This is true of all your thoughts, feelings and habits, which, together with their effects, are suddenly [...]

Four funny, poignant teachings from Ajahn Brahm

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Recently, we were fortunate to welcome Theravada Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm into our office. Brahm is the Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery in Western Australia and a famous advocate for the full ordination of Buddhist nuns. He is also the author of the recent Don't Worry, Be Grumpy, from Wisdom Publications, which embodies the funny, inspiring and very unconventional style on show [...]

A Bad Day at the Airport

bad day

What better place to work with your mind? Here is a practice I have been working with for more than a decade. I recite, usually silently, these two sentences: May I meet this moment fully. May I meet it as a friend. These blessing phrases cultivate and sustain a mind of peace and goodwill. For me, they represent the promise of practice. “May I meet this moment fully” [...]