Chögyam Trungpa on dwelling on “little things” / Plus: a chance to win a ticket to Creating a Mindful Society

Photo (detail) by James Gimian. Used by permission.

“When we practice meditation, we begin to realize what is known as the transparency and impermanence of time and space. We realize how much we are dwelling on our little things and that we cannot catch any of it and build a house on it. We cannot even lay the foundation. The whole thing keeps shifting under our feet and under our seat. The rug is being pulled out from under us completely, simply from the experience of working with ourselves. Nobody is pulling it, but we find that the rug constantly moves.”

Via Ocean of Dharma, from the book The Truth of Suffering, published by Shambhala Publications, who are currently offering an opportunity for you to win a ticket to this fall’s Creating a Mindful Society conference in New York City. Click here for details.

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