Chögyam Trungpa on what spirituality means

trungap-spotlightportrait“Some say that spirituality is a way of attaining a better kind of happiness, transcendental happiness. Others see it as a benevolent way to develop power over others or as a way to acquire magical powers so we can change our bad world into a good world. All of these points of view are irrelevant to the Buddhist approach. According to the buddhadharma, the Buddhist teachings, spirituality means relating with the working basis of one’s existence, which is one’s state of mind.”–Chögyam Trungpa (via Ocean of Dharma), from “The Four Foundations of Mindfulness,” found in the new Shambhala Sun book A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation (out next week) and also Trungpa Rinpoche’s own The Heart of the Buddha.

Read “The Four Foundations of Mindfulness” online now in the Shambhala Sun’s archive.