Colleen Hannabusa, Buddhist congresswoman, to boost senatorial campaign in New York

New Yorkers: if you’ve ever wanted to meet one of the three self-identified Buddhist members of the U.S. Congress, January 30 (a week from this coming Friday) is your chance. Colleen Hannabusa, who represents Hawaii’s first congressional district, will be in Manhattan for a soirée to boost her campaign to fill the late Daniel Inouye’s senatorial seat. Of Japanese descent, Rep. Hannabusa was raised in the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist tradition.

For details on the gathering, click here.


  1. Dukkha Earl says

    Ugh, this is identity politics at its worst. The incumbent senator, Brian Schatz, is the far superior candidate.

    • Compassion says

      Re 'beyond-identity' politics, it'd be interesting to have a Dharma practitioner for the first time in the Senate …hopefully to help return it to its historic status as the "world's greatest deliberative body." (The first Buddhist, elected in 2012, is a self-described non-practitioner).

  2. Compassion says

    To each their own, but in terms of the record: she is far more experienced than the person who was appointed to hold the seat until this coming election. Before dying, Dan Inouye, one of the most respected Senators and Democratic leaders of the past half-century, strongly endorsed Hanabusa as his hoped-for successor. Dan Akaka, Hawaii's other longtime Senator (recently retired), is also strongly endorsing her.