Comedian and “Bronx Bodhisattva” Mike DeStefano dies

Punchline is reporting today that Mike DeStefano, the rough-and-tumble but big-hearted Bronx comic — who you may have come to know about via his stint on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, or via an interview about comedy and Buddhism here on Shambhala SunSpace — has died.

Mike was just enjoying attention surrounding his new one-man show, and he and I were hoping to talk about that soon for SunSpace. How sad to lose him; he had so much to give and really was committed to it. Condolences to all of his many friends and family.

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  1. Mike B says

    What a shame – such a talent, a seemingly good guy and a great faciliatator of laughter. Some of the stories he's told – 1) about meeting a buddhist monk and 2) about the last ride for Franny (his wife who died) are truly moving and inspiring. He lived a tough life – but lots of wisdom from him in his later years. He'll be missed

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