Contemplating Reality: It isn’t what you think

If you’re even a semi-regular here, you likely know the name of our colleague and friend Andy Karr. Each week on SunSpace, Andy presents an image exemplary of the “contemplative photography” he teaches and champions in his second book, The Practice of Contemplative Photography and on the book’s website, Seeing Fresh.

But Andy’s first book — while no doubt artful — wasn’t about art. Titled Contemplating Reality: A Practitioner’s Guide to the View in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, the book not only presents the fundamental Buddhist views, but also contemplations that can help transform confused seeing into clear seeing. Contemplating Reality has just been released in an electronic edition, and so we thought we’d share a taste of Andy’s teachings with you. In “Reality Isn’t What You Think,” first published in the Shambhala Sun, Andy explains how contemplative practice can help repair our common, fundamental misunderstanding of reality. Click here to read it now, and enjoy.