Could Buddhist holidays be more family-friendly?

Yes, says Zen teacher Jundo Cohen of Treeleaf Zendo, who proposes that Buddhists would do well to take advantage of this season of giving and receiving and find ways to present the heart and central messages of Buddhism to celebrants of all ages.

He has some feelings about how this might be done. What about you? After the jump, watch a video-talk from Jundo, and join him in sitting meditation. And don’t forget to share your ideas about how Buddhist holidays could be more family-friendly.

For more from Jundo Cohen, visit Treeleaf Zendo online or see his previous Shambhala SunSpace video-blogs, here.


  1. Remember Buchanan says

    It's not so much a "problem," more an opportunity to do more. And it seems like a good idea to me. At the Zen center I used to attend, there was often discussion about how to make the traditions of the sangha make sense to the younger ones in the families of members. As such, kids were brought more into the ceremonies and made more a part of the overall place. A very nice thing.

  2. Eiko says

    Apuleius~ Do you even have kids? I go to a wonderful Zen Center twice a week and fabulous Zen Monastery once a month… After a while people finally told me outright the best option for a Buddhistfriendly kids programs was the UU. It may not be what we'd wish for but its true. Buddhism is still fairly new in America