Franz Ferdinand: three out of eight’s a start

After four years of relative silence, Scottish band Franz Ferdinand released a new LP today, one that seems to makes reference to three factors of the Buddha’s Eightfold Path. The album’s titled Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action — and these could be seen to correspond with “Right View,” “Right Speech,” and “Right Conduct.”

That’s because they do. But there’s not much more to the connection: as the band’s bassist, Bob Hardy, told STACK, “The title was a lyric in one of the songs, “Right Action,” and it summed up the positive mood we were in. You can apply those three rules to anything in life; it’s a positive outlook, and that’s how we felt making the record. It’s like a Buddhist thing – I googled it – it’s a yoga mantra, or something.”

Okay, not a “yoga mantra,” but definitely a “Buddhist thing.” You can hear that song, “Right Action,” here.  …Now, if Franz Ferdinand’s next album is called Right Resolve, Right Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration, then, we’ll be on to something.


  1. or something says

    In return I solemnly promise
    to have recourse to thee in all my trials,
    sufferings and temptations,
    and I shall do all in my power
    to induce others to love
    and reverence thee
    and to invoke thee in all their needs.
    I thank thee for the numberless blessings
    which I have received from thy mercy
    and powerful intercession.
    Continue to be my shield in danger,
    my guide in life,
    and my consolation at the hour of death.

  2. tom says

    Every time i play this track in the car loudly i think how great that a band is into buddhism and is actually singing it loud and now i can see it is only in spirit. The real buddhist performers you will have heard of are herbie hancock, leonard cohen, courtney love and bless her, tina turner. There are others but these are the highlights.