Going it Alone: Advice for Unaffiliated Buddhists

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As seen in the Spring 2010 issue of Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly.

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Dive into Buddhist Teachings

Some people love to practice but not to study, and others love to study but not to practice. Whichever type you might be, Judy Lief has sound advice for you.

Plus, more helpful guidance for unaffiliated practitioners, as seen in the Spring 2010 issue of Buddhadharma:

Norman FischerBuddhism’s New Pioneers

Norman Fischer’s introduction to Buddhadharma’s "Going It Alone" coverage, and why it’s important.

What’s Your Experience as an Unaffiliated Buddhist?

Buddhadharma editor Tynette Deveaux leads our readers in a discussion of how they do — and don’t — make it work.

Practice: You Can’t Do It Wrong

"Sit still amid your doubt, loneliness, and anxiety," counsels Barry Magid. "They are not obstacles to your practice—they are your practice."

Community: Extending the View of Sangha

Gaylon Ferguson on the real meaning and value of community among Buddhists.

Mentors: Spiritual Friends Help Guide the Way

Sylvia Boorstein looks at the hallmarks of real spiritual friendship.

What If?" Guidelines for choosing a teacher

Lewis Richmond addresses how to go about choosing a teacher when you’re ready.