Help make mindfulTV a reality

Click above to watch the mindfulTV video on IndieGogo

Click above to watch the mindfulTV video on IndieGogo

As many Sun readers know, the new Mindful magazine and its website grew out of years of special Shambhala Sun reporting on meditation, the scientific and anecdotal evidence that shows its value, and the development of a secular meditation movement happening worldwide. Now under the auspices of its own foundation, the Foundation for a Mindful Society, Mindful continues to grow — and how. Its newest venture is the launch of mindfulTV, which seeks to broadcast important conferences, events, and programming exploring all the ways mindfulness can benefit our world, from health and relationships to education, science, and leadership.

Mindful has launched an Indiegogo campaign to spread the word about bringing mindfulTV to fruition and onto computers, tablets, and phones everywhere, with broadcasts to be made available afterwards for viewing and sharing.

Click here to learn all about it and to help spread the word to friends, family, and colleagues.

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