Inside the first issue of Lion’s Roar magazine

Our March 2016 magazine is the first issue of Lion’s Roar (formerly Shambhala Sun), and it’s now available. (Read about our change from “Shambhala Sun” to “Lion’s Roar” here.) The premiere issue features 14 fascinating Buddhist teachers on its three-panel cover — and inside, too. Plus, it’s packed with people and stories sure to inspire you with real Buddhist wisdom for your life. Here’s a preview of what’s inside, with a few web exclusives you can check out right now.

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L-R: Josh Korda, Dharma Punx; Ethan Nichtern, Shambhala International; Sharon Salzberg, Insight Meditation Society; Kate Johnson, Interdependence Project; Lama Rod Owens, Natural Dharma Fellowship; Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Zen Mountain Monastery; Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara, Village Zendo; Rebecca Li, Dharma Drum Chan Community; Gina Sharpe, New York Insight; Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Everyday Zen Foundation; Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Center for Transformative Change; Sylvia Boorstein, Spirit Rock Meditation Center; Larry Yang, East Bay Meditation Center; Anam Thubten Rinpoche, Dharmata Foundation.


Hear The Lions Roar

“The proclamation of the dharma,” the Buddha said, “is as fearless as a lion’s roar.” We asked the 14 teachers on our cover: What is the most important truth to proclaim in today’s troubled world? Hear them roar!

Freedom Is Possible

by Kate Johnson

Compassion Is Our Only Choice

by Norman Fischer

Attention Sets Us Free

by Sharon Salzberg

Practice Bodhichitta

by Anam Thubten

The Great Awakening Beckons

by Reverend angel Kyodo williams

See the Truth Beyond Words

by Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara

We Are Tara

by Lama Rod Owens

Practice As If the World Is on Fire

by Sylvia Boorstein

Everything Is Interdependent

by Rebecca Li

We Are Responsible

by Geoffrey Shugen Arnold

The Heart Is Tender

by Gina Sharpe

Embrace Your Goodness

by Ethan Nichtern

We Walk the Path Together

by Larry Yang

The Path to Peace Is Free of Charge

by Josh Korda


Living the Lion’s Roar: How to Practice Fearlessness

At every stage of your path, says Chögyam Trungpa, the fearless proclamation of the truth cuts through ego. Are you ready to hear it?

Child of Nature

Inspired by 18-month-old Clea—and her friends Luna and Wawa—author William Powers and his family put nature at the center of their lives.

Free as a Bird in the Sky

From a transformative near-death experience to begging on the streets of India—Mingyur Rinpoche’s exclusive first account of his four years as a wandering yogi.

Online: Read a preview here.

How to Recognize Your Natural Awareness

Mingyur Rinpoche teaches us the main meditation practice he did during his retreat.

Put Your Compassion into Action

Philosopher Peter Singer and philanthropist Julia Wise talk with Buddhist monk and author Matthieu Ricard about the innumerable benefits of altruism—for ourselves, our loved ones, and all beings.

How Sharon Salzberg Found Real Happiness

Facing her suffering head-on has made Sharon Salzberg one of today’s most relatable Buddhist teachers. Lindsay Kyte talks to Salzberg about her difficult life’s journey, establishing loving-kindness as a key practice in American Buddhism, and how we can all find real happiness.

…and, in the magazine’s front section, The Moment:

From Where I Sit

A Buddhist Cop’s Answer to the Policing Crisis, by Cheri Maples


No Cog in Someone Else’s Wheel: Remembering Jamie Zimmerman


Zen with Lightsabers: Dharma of Star Wars author Matthew Bortolin

Online: Watch an exclusive video discussion about Buddhism and Star Wars: The Force Awakens here.

Bodhi Chatter

Dharma, pop culture, and good-natured gossip. Featuring Morgan Freeman, Emma Watson, this issue’s Dharma-Burger, and more.

Heart & Mind

How to Have a (More) Buddhist Wedding, by James Ishmael Ford

This Dharma Life

The Long Path to Peace, by Shiri Barr, Stephen Fulder, and Aviv Tatarsky

Share Your Wisdom

What favorite music lyric reminds you of a Buddhist teaching?

How to Practice: Zen Koans

By John Tarrant

Beginner’s Mind

The Eightfold Path | Dharma FAQs |Padmasambhava

Meet a Teacher

Judy Lief



What is Lion’s Roar?, by Melvin McLeod