Jindal administration comments on lawsuit filed against LA school for alleged harrassment of Buddhist student

Image via wikimedia commons.

Image via wikimedia commons.

Via rawstory.com, we learn that, after nearly a month of silence (see our post from January 23 for more), the New Orleans Times-Picayune has obtained a statement from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s administration concerning the ACLU lawsuit filed in January against a Sabine Parish school on behalf of the parents of a sixth grader allegedly harassed for his Buddhist beliefs by fundamentalist Christian teachers and administrators.

(Our January 23rd post details the allegations that the schoolboy, who is of Thai descent, was told by his science teacher that Buddhism was “stupid” after failing to write in the expected answer to a creationist “extra credit” question on a test, and that an administrator suggested the solution might be to move the child to a different school “where there were more Asians.”)

The Times-Picayune notes that while the statement, issued by Gov. Jindal’s executive counsel, essentially offers “no comment,” Gov. Jindal just three days prior gave a high-profile speech on “religious liberty” at the Ronald Reagan Library in California. In that speech, he excoriated the Obama administration for waging a “silent war” on business owners who make decisions based on their religious principles.

Read the full Times-Picayune piece here, and Raw Story’s commentary here.