“Keeping your Zen” on the test track

With assiduous practice of Zen meditation, it’s possible to achieve such deep levels of single-pointed concentration. Like a mountain you are, anchored to your cushion. Unmoved by any distraction of the senses.

Unless that distraction happens to approach your seat with the slinky curves and supple grace of…the new Mercedes A45 AMG!

So an ad flagged by autoevolution.com would have you believe, that is: in it, five Zen monks receive the classic thwack on the shoulders for ogling the sleek SUV as it drifts around them.

Or, allegedly they do. It seems the execs at Mercedes Japan (where the ad will run) are also prone to perturbability. They promptly yanked the video since the car’s not officially launched yet. That’s the still, above; we’ll keep an eye out and share the video once it goes live.