Meditation: Are you “Living Proof”?

In addition to looks at the field of contemplative science in general and the work of Richie Davidson and the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds in particular, our current, March 2012 magazine also looks to four people who’ve worked with meditation to see how it’s affected their lives. Earlier we shared with you the story of social worker Isabel Adon of the Bronx; now meet New Yorker Lyssette Horne, a survivor of sexual abuse who grew up to become a media activist working for equality and social justice in the LGBT community. Click here; we bet you’ll be glad you did. Then, see the magazine for two more “Living Proof” stories, from prolific British author Tim Parks, and plane crash survivor Julia Ferganchick.

And: what about you? Are you living proof that meditation can make a real difference? If so, we’d love for you to share your story here in a comment.


  1. Monique says

    Meditation totally changed/saved my life. For me it began with a course in mindfulness training, an MBSR type class. Two weeks into the course I knew it was time to stop drinking, it was killing me. A week later I thought, my favorite time to smoke cigarettes is when I drink so if I'm no longer drinking I might as well quit smoking too. I began feeling better and better and after the mindfulness course ended looked more into Buddhism and kept meditating. I began taking better care of myself, exercising and losing weight. Soon I felt well enough to try going off the four medications I was on for depression and anxiety. I slowly weened myself off of three without much difficulty, a miracle since I had tried this twice before with disastrous results, but now after seven years, this time was different. Stopping the last medication didn't go as well so after being off of it for a few weeks I started taking it again and decided to tackle the big one first. I had a 30 year marijuana habit, had my prescription and was charging my "medication" to credit cards like a crazy person. I had smoked more of my life than not but felt the time had finally come, to face myself, to get to know myself for the first time since I was a kid! The anxiety about quitting turned out to be way worse than the actual quitting. After a year of being clean I went back to that last medication for anxiety. I had some rough patches as my plan now coincided with menopause, but with my meditation practice I knew I could be the observer, watch the feelings and sensations, knowing they would rise and pass away, use skillful means in moments of overwhelm.

    Now free from all medications, free from the prison of my addictions, 55lbs lighter and happier than I can ever remember being, I am so grateful. Sure there are still struggles with everyday life but my relationship with my husband and eleven year old son is so close and amazing. I continue to deepen my practice and have now coached three courses in mindfulness training, leading guided meditations and sharing what I have learned with others who are suffering. I have found my hearts desire, my purpose it seems. I've never felt so whole, my life has meaning. It's been the most amazing journey, I am truly living the dream!