Michael Imperioli, star of the new film The M Word, talks Buddhism and meditation


Photo by Isabella Berneis

In a new interview for Entertainment Weekly, actor/director Michael Imperioli (seen here with Buddhist teacher Garchen Rinpoche), publicizing his new film The M Word, talks about his practice of meditation and Buddhism. Says Michael:

“I was going through a very difficult personal issue in my life a couple of years ago, and I spoke to a Buddhist teacher and he just said to me, ‘Everything changes, everything will pass.’ It didn’t solve my problem. I still had to go through the difficulty and uncertainty and emotions of it, but when you keep aware of that and do come out of it, like a few weeks or a couple of months later, I didn’t think about this problem anymore. It was completely out of my life.” As for meditation, he says, “It cultivates mindfulness. What that improves is your ability to have a bit of awareness of your emotions, so you don’t necessarily have to be victim to and swept up by your emotions.” (Read the full EW interview here.)

Michael was profiled by the Shambhala Sun’s Andrea Miller for “Wise Guy,” a recent feature. You can read that whole article online here. Click through here to watch the M Word trailer.