MindfulVOTES aims to bring mindfulness to the voting booth

We told you last week about MindfulVOTES, an initiative that’s encouraging practitioners of Buddhism and mindfulness to make sure their voices are heard in today’s election. Now, the Washington Post profiles MindfulVOTES and its founder, Rev. angel Kyodo williams.

“If meditation can calm hyperactive kids, ease the pain of drug addicts and tame the egos of Fortune 500 CEOs, it can surely help a stressed-out and polarized country choose a president, says the Rev. angel Kyodo williams.

An artist and veteran activist from Berkeley, williams is the force behind MindfulVOTES, a nonpartisan campaign that she believes is the first attempt to mobilize mindfulness meditators.

‘Mindfulness practices are maturing in our country and entering the mainstream, but if it’s not applied in our lives, it doesn’t matter,’ said williams. ‘It’s time for our community to go beyond its own navels.'”

Read the rest of the article — which also features Rev. Danny Fisher, a contributor to the Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharmahere. For more information about MindfulVOTES, visit their website and Facebook page. You’ll also find lots more about the intersection of mindfulness and politics from the Shambhala Sun on our Mindful Politics Spotlight Page.

Also in the Washington Post today: “What the Dalai Lama can teach Obama, Romney about leadership.”