Penor Rinpoche Passes Away

h_h_d75s285_wWe are sad to report the death of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, a senior Tibetan teacher and former head of the Nyingma lineage. It was announced earlier today that he had been admitted to the intensive care unit at Columbia Asia Hospital in Bangalore, India. His death has just been reported by Andrew Rose, a member of the board of directors of ODD. Penor Rinpoche was head of the Palyul monastery in South India and a highly respected lineage holder with a substantial following in the West.

We will report more details on his passing and on funeral plans when they become available.

Andrew provides this list of links to teachings by Penor Rinpoche, including the 4-part documentary  on his life and activities, “The Compassionate World of H.H. Penor Rinpoche”.

Update: Rinpoche’s organization main organization, Palyul Ling International, released the following letter on March 28:

This is to formally announce that the 11th Throneholder of the Palyul Lineage of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche entered the stage of Thugdam,  the final stage of meditation, as of 8:20 PM on Friday, March 27, 2009, at the Namdroling Monastery in Bylakuppe, South India.

Earlier, at noon, His Holiness received offerings from many of the highest Nyingma Tulkus, Khenpos, and Lamas who had assembled to pay homage to him. Rinpoche left Columbia Asia Hospital at 3:30 PM with the help of the Bhutanese Government who provided an Indian police escort. He reached Palyul Namdroling at 6:40 PM and remained on his bed at the residence. Tulkus, Khenpos and Lamas did aspiration prayers together with His Holiness until 8:20 PM. At that time Rinpoche looked around and then closed his eyes and went into meditation.

Prayers continued for 5 minutes and then everyone remained in silence for the next two hours. His Holiness’ meditation continues today, and is expected to continue for the next several days. When His Holiness releases his body from meditation, there will be an official acknowledgement of the final passing, allowing everyone to pay their respects according to tradition.

Kyabjé Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche was born in 1932 in the Powo region of Kham, Eastern Tibet. His Holiness settled in South India where he built, with his own hands and with the help of a few monks, Namdroling Monastery . The monastery has grown into one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist Dharma centers in the world, housing over 6000 monks and nuns in the complex.

His Holiness also built temples and established dharma Centers around the world – in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, United Kingdom, Greece, Canada and the United States – among others. His Holiness frequently traveled to teach and give empowerments at all of them. Worldwide, His Holiness is universally revered for his loving kindness and compassion, pure upholding of the Vinaya and ceaseless dedication to the welfare of all beings. Wherever he went, has brought and nourished the Buddha-Dharma everywhere he has been.

He will live forever in our hearts.

Lama Lobsang Chophel, Secretary
28 March, 2009

Palyul Ling International


  1. Stacey Smith says

    May the Guru's wisdom mind rippen upon my mind stream, May his blessings pour into to me. Lama Care for me, Compasionate Lama Please Care for me. OH AH HUNG BENZA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG

  2. Tsheirng Chodup says

    Drinchen Penor Rinpoche's soul reach to the realm of paradise.
    Om benzer Sato Hung.

  3. Michael da Silva says

    how do I get relic pills of HH Penor Rinpoche?

    I'm now in Singapore

    • Michael da Silva says

      Thanks Molly for your reply. I went to the Palyul Centre in Singapore and got one relic pill of HH Penor Rinpoche. How incredibly lucky!
      I was told that one needs a great deal of merit and to have a really good karmic connection with a Master to be able to receive his Relic Pill.

      There are many disciples, including many Khenpos, who are not able to get any relics of His Holiness!

  4. negi jigmem khunupa says

    i was student at namdorling monestry in 1999,that time i got blessing from H.H Rinpoche . now i have finished my study from Varansi,,, today i feel i have little fate,,, karmic. renpoche is not gone away from us He is present not past we need to just follow whatever He teached us keep it mind ,,,,,,,,,

  5. tsherchok says

    Lama unrepayable kindness, I only remember you.
    Fortunate enough to get some wang and others

  6. sangye says

    HH penor rinpoche will be in our hearts for ever…GURU rinpoche…HH was the living Buddha..OM ah hum benza guru pema sidha hum…

  7. SONAM SHERPA says


    • nicolas bondoc says

      His H.H Pema Norbu rinpoche's dedication towards Buddhist Drama is unmeasurable.Where ever he is right now he is still in helping all the sentient beings.May rinpoche and his teaching long live.

  8. Rigzeen dorje says

    Om ah hum vajra guru padma siddhi hum… This is very sad because of we lost again a great teacher who was really a great compassionate bodhi satva. We are looking forward his reincarnation. Actually he is not dead, he just showing our real impermanent nature of life which is we need to know, there fore he or all buddhas they just giving or showing real dharma path. On that point we shoud need to do a real good dharma.

  9. orgyenlhamo says

    Penor rinpoche is one of the greatest budhist teacher i have ever known in this world. He had worked very hard to preserve n to spread budha's teaching not only in india but to west,europe, tibet almost every parts of the world. Eventhough he passed away but he always remain in my heart forever n ever.


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