Pico Iyer on “The Folly of the Weather Forecast”

As soon as he reads a weather forecast, writes Pico Iyer, “tomorrow is clouded for me, even if it’s sunshine that’s predicted… It isn’t that weather forecasts mess with my mind. It’s that the mind is so ready to mess with everything it touches — to make theories around it, to draw fanciful conclusions from it, to play distorting games of projection and miscalculation — that even the elements are not safe from it.”

To read more, see Pico’s Shambhala Sun article, “The Folly of the Weather Forecast.” (Also includes link to a collection of Pico’s other great articles from the magazine.) Enjoy.


  1. Bronco says

    Always expect the unexpected, has always been one of my defence mechanisms.Even in meditation, thoughts are hammering on the door of concentration, one slip and they take us off somewhere else, either that or we have fallen asleep..Therefore, training the wild horse of mind is essential, and to pacify those incessant flow of thoughts, is also the work of total concentration in whatever we do…

    Make no plans for the day to follow this one, unless of course there is an important venue or mission to achieve, even so, those best laid plans usually get changed during sleep or altered as we awaken..The weather, well there is an amazing phenomenon, just like our plans, the met office, usually get their forecast wrong..Always expect the unexpected,,Thank you…Bronco