Pondering “The Dharma of Barbie”

“Barbie”: that single name sure conjures a lot: innocent play, shrewd marketing, conflicted parents. Karen Maezen Miller, for one, was torn when her daughter entered the Barbie stage. In her 2007 Shambhala Sun piece, “The Dharma of Barbie,” Miller wondered what was worse: the doll’s commercialism and hyper-sexuality, or Mom’s grownup judgments and concepts?

Good question. And while you may have heard this week’s news that Barbie’s sales are down significantly, it’s not so much because her fans have started asking it, too. Rather, Barbie’s starting to be edged out by newer, slicker fare, and is heading for a relaunch herself. So while our kids’ toys may be changing, Miller’s points remain worth pondering. Click here to read her article, “The Dharma of Barbie,” online now.