Ryan Vanderhoof, formerly of Akron/Family, talks Buddhism and new music

The clearly Buddhist-influenced cover for Akron/Family’s 2006 album, Meek Warrior.

In a new interview with the Auburn Citizen, Ryan Vanderhoof, formerly of the excellent and adventurous band Akron/Family, talks about his new music and his Buddhist practice. On balancing being a practitioner and being a musician, he says:

“In order to integrate Buddhism into my life I needed to focus on it in-depth. To find success with Akron/Family we needed to spend all our time making it a success. I needed to integrate Buddhism into my life fully, and spending the last six years doing that, it’s really informed my life and my music in all ways. So yeah, I’ve found a balance.”

Read the whole interview here. And for more on the Buddhism-and-music connection, see our feature story featuring k.d. lang, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Born I Music, Tina Turner, and others from earlier this year.


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