Carol Bailey: Taking right speech to Congress

Can a combination of Buddhist principles and divorce mediation techniques soften the rancorous rhetoric in the U.S. Congress? Seattle attorney Carol Bailey believes so. Noticing similarly chasm-creating patterns in the language flying between the political parties as she saw in the conflicted couples she counseled, Bailey set out to produce a how-to manual for lightening up [...]

George W. Bush paints Dalai Lama for “Art of Leadership” exhibit; Dalai Lama sits down with Maria Shriver (Video)

Former US president George W. Bush has debuted a new collection of his own paintings, including one of the Dalai Lama, for an exhibit of his work shown in his presidential library. Bush talked to his daughter about the collection in a segment for NBC's Today, which you can watch here. Only a glimpse of the Dalai Lama portrait (shown in this screengrab, left) is seen, but we [...]

ACLU warns of “religious coercion” in Tennessee bill; Buddhist man in Texas alleges he was fired for refusing to disseminate Bible verses

Not even two weeks have passed since the ACLU obtained a favorable settlement in a Louisiana suit filed on behalf of the parents of a Buddhist sixth-grader harassed by Christian teachers and school administrators for his religious beliefs (see our coverage of the settlement here). Now the civil liberties watchdog is objecting to a Tennessee bill that would allow students in [...]

Settlement reached in favor of Buddhist student bullied at Louisiana school; ACLU lauds outcome of its suit

The ACLU lawsuit filed on behalf of the parents of a Buddhist sixth-grader allegedly bullied for his beliefs by Christian teachers and administrators at Negreet High School in Louisiana has been settled in favor of the parents. According to the AP, the settlement details the ways in which teachers and school officials must refrain from promoting religious beliefs and practices [...]

Watch the Dalai Lama’s opening prayers in the U.S. Senate on Thursday

As announced on Wednesday, His Holiness the Dalai Lama did in fact give the opening prayers in the US Senate on Thursday. Among the words he shared are his favorite prayer, from Shantideva's Way of the Bodhisattva: "As long as space remains, and as long as sentient beings remain, until then may I too remain and help dispel the misery of the world." Video here: He made quite [...]

Dalai Lama to offer opening prayer at U.S. Senate Thursday

U.S. Senators will be treated to a bit of dharma Thursday morning, as the Dalai Lama will offer the opening prayer for the day’s session. It’s the first time he has been invited to do so, the Washington Post reports. Though the Dalai Lama abdicated his political role in the Tibetan government-in-exile in 2011, he still meets regularly with political leaders worldwide in his [...]

Updated: Dalai Lama, President Obama meet briefly

As announced here late Thursday evening, His Holiness the Dalai Lama met with U.S. president Barack Obama on Friday, February 21 at 10am EST in the White House map room. The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), citing a post-meeting statement from the Central Tibetan Administration (Tibet's government-in-exile based in Dharamsala, India), said, "During the meeting, President [...]

Jindal administration comments on lawsuit filed against LA school for alleged harrassment of Buddhist student

Via, we learn that, after nearly a month of silence (see our post from January 23 for more), the New Orleans Times-Picayune has obtained a statement from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s administration concerning the ACLU lawsuit filed in January against a Sabine Parish school on behalf of the parents of a sixth grader allegedly harassed for his Buddhist beliefs [...]

“Saving Mes Aynak” documentary awarded MacArthur Foundation grant

We’re pleased to note that professor and filmmaker Brent Huffman has been awarded a $100,000 grant by the MacArthur Foundation to complete his documentary, Saving Mes Aynak. In October, 2012, we spotlighted Huffman’s efforts to capture the struggle in Afghanistan between international archaeologists scrambling to preserve the treasures of an ancient Buddhist monastic complex [...]

Erica Chenoweth: This leading global thinker on peaceful resistance finds inner peace through Buddhist meditation

By Konchog Norbu If one were solely to rely on what’s presented in mainstream news, one might arrive at the understandable conclusion that the only realistic way to upend intractable political oppression is through violent rebellion. Not so, says young academic superstar Erica Chenoweth, and she can prove it. For the past several years, Chenoweth has been racking up honors, [...]