Business’s compassionate awakening?

Goldman Sachs

Could big business be finding a heart? According to business consultant Ryan Honeyman, the world’s biggest consultants, including Goldman Sachs and McKinsey & Company, are trying to persuade corporations be more socially and environmentally mindful, and not just because it serves their financial goals. Honeyman made his case in an article for Fast Company, citing a [...]

Congrats to environmental activist Dekila Chungyalpa, still “walking the talk”

The Shambhala Sun hopes you'll join us in congratulating Dekila Chungyalpa, who has just been been awarded a coveted Yale fellowship -- the 2014 Dorothy S. McCluskey Visiting Fellow in Conservation -- to continue her work with religious leaders around the world at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Previous fellows include several Nobel Peace Prize [...]

Earth Care Week inspires Buddhist activism, online statements

Buddhist communities throughout North America, as well as several abroad, are making a point of expressing their concern and positive aspirations for the future of our planet as part of Earth Care Week, October 1-7. The effort to raise awareness and stimulate activism is being organized by the newly-formed online resource site, One Earth Sangha. (Read our previous post about [...]

Facing the problems of our ever-warming “Topsy-Turvy World”

As the New York Times reports today: "A panel of experts appointed by the United Nations, unveiling its latest assessment of climate research, reinforced its earlier conclusions that global warming is real, that it is caused primarily if not exclusively by human emissions, and that it is likely to get substantially worse unless efforts to limit those emissions are rapidly [...]

Video: An update on “Reactor,” a film about life after Japan’s nuclear disaster

This spring, activist and Buddhist/yoga teacher Michael Stone, along with filmmaker Ian MacKenzie, sought donations for a crowdfunded short film called Reactor, about Japan's response to last year's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Stone and MacKenzie have exceeded their fundraising goal and traveled to Japan, where they're posting updates about their travels and filmmaking [...]

Gary Snyder wins Thoreau Prize

Last night at MIT, poet Gary Snyder was awarded PEN (Poets/Playwrights, Essayists/Editors, Novelists) New England's "Henry David Thoreau Prize" for Literary Excellence in Nature Writing. Our congratulations to him for the well-earned honor. Here at the Shambhala Sun we've had the honor of publishing his writing; click through here for links to see for yourself what makes [...]

Check out (and help out) “Reactor” — a film in progress about life after the Japan nuclear disaster

Activist and yoga/Buddhist teacher Michael Stone -- author of "What's the Music All About?", found in our current, May 2012 magazine -- is currently crowdfunding for a new short film project called Reactor. The film visits post-tsunami Japan to ask the questions "How are the old Zen traditions and cities of beautiful temples responding? How are the young rethinking the [...]

Cherishing Living Beings — Seen and Unseen

A new "Earth Dharma" post by Jill S. Schneiderman. The first time I chanted the Metta Sutta -- the Buddha’s teaching on lovingkindness -- I was a retreatant at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts and I got caught up in the inflection marks that appeared above the words; I couldn’t quite figure out when my voice should go up and when it should go down. I felt [...]

Walking the Talk: Where compassion, optimism, and activism meet

In the November 2011 "Joy of Living Green" issue of the Shambhala Sun, you'll meet four young activists who are making the world a better place. One of them is Rebecca Fletcher, who works at the Massachusetts nonprofit, Equity Trust Inc, where she combines compassion and optimism to help groups that protect farms and affordable housing. Get inspired by her work -- and that of [...]

The Keystone XL Pipeline Project: Extremely unskillful?

A new "Earth Dharma" post by Jill S. Schneiderman. As thousands of people circled the White House to make known their objections to the multibillion dollar Keystone XL Project, I was again reminded of a comment by Jack Kornfield: "Ours is a society of denial that conditions us to protect ourselves from any direct difficulty and discomfort. We expend enormous energy denying [...]