Ted Nugent: “Hunting is Zen meditation”

New-millenium hit machine and revered, never-irrelevant political theorist Ted Nugent has told CNN that hunting is: “Zen meditation in its definitive form, plus you get meat out of it.” Really. Here’s the story.

I’ll grant that hunting may make use of “meditative muscle” but ol’ Ted is missing one serious distinction here. The first Zen precept is No killing. If you’re going out your way to do the opposite, that’s probably not “Zen meditation.”


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    And then there's Gary Snyder, quoting Hsiang-yen: "One Should Not Talk to a Skilled Hunter about what Is Forbidden by the Buddha". Is there a "difference that makes a difference" between Nugent and Snyder in this regard? I ask, because it is easy (IMO) to respect Snyder and disrespect Nugent, and I wonder why…

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      Quite the quote, that. Thanks, Charles. Perhaps if there's a "difference that makes a difference here, it's intent: for example, intent to cherish or to inquire, as opposed to intent to kill?

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