TEEN: Daughters of Buddhist composer Peter Lieberson making music of their own

TEENWith their second album, The Way and Color, coming in late April, now’s a fine time to introduce you to TEEN, a musical act made of four friends, including three sisters — Kristina, Katherine, and Lizzie Lieberson—with music in their blood. They’re the daughters of the late, famous Buddhist composer, Peter Lieberson. Watch the video for The Way and Color‘s first single and check out VOGUE’s short new piece about the band here.

A student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Peter Lieberson would explore Buddhist themes in his first opera, the highly praised Ashoka’s Dream. He would become a notable force in modern classical music. In “Concept Becomes Experience: A Composer’s Journey,” from the Shambhala Sun, he described his creative journey and his trust in the play between spontaneity and technique. Read it here.