Telling the story of E. Gene Smith, “Digital Dharma” pioneer (Video; Updated)

As Buddhadharma’s Buddhist News site reported on Friday, the Buddhist world has suffered a major loss by way of the death of the brilliant Tibetologist, E. Gene Smith. Gene’s life was a fascinating one, and while Buddhadharma has profiled him, those who knew Smith know there was nothing like knowing the man himself. (I myself once worked with Gene, and feel that “brilliant” is simply not a fitting-enough word.) Happily, though Gene is gone, the makers of a documentary film entitled Digital Dharma have long been working on the telling of his story. Here’s a trailer, produced before Gene’s passing:

Digital Dharma is a work in progress. To learn more and support this celebration of Gene’s life and work, please visit the Digital Dharma website. …On Facebook? You can friend Digital Dharma and follow a new page of Tributes to Gene Smith. (And here again is the link to Buddhadharma’s profile, “Gene Smith’s Mission.”)

[Update: Over at Buddhadharma’s Buddhist News, Wisdom Publications’ publisher Tim McNeill offers a remembrance of Gene Smith. Also: details for a memorial service have been announced.]