The “cellphone for Buddhist monks”?

I guess sometimes “an app for that” isn’t enough. You need a whole phone. Even if you’re a Buddhist monk! According to the copy published with an article about it on tech-site, “This rotatable Nokia phone is made specially for Buddhist Monks… this Tibet Nokia phone is perfectly in harmony with the universal law of life and death. The red saffron color is traditional for Buddhist monks and makes this phone even more religious.” (I’m glad they avoided hyperbole.) Though actually a couple of years old, the phone does seem to be real and have various Tibet- and Buddhism-related features. You can read more about those here.


  1. one eye says

    This is sorta interesting, but Id rather hear more on trendy TV shows about meditation. What are you watching these days? Anything new out there? I like to keep abreast of which "buddhist" references are worthy of approval or not in regards to pop culture. Some are ok, but some are clearly not ok – and it helps to have them pointed out.

    Speaking of TV shows, the history channel is currently doing a kind of documentary series on vikings, but the whole thing is a dramatization. Its cool! They do lots of killing, fucking, raiding, enslaving, etc. Also you get to learn about their social customs and gods and technologies and other stuff like that. Yeh, so it begins with Ragnar Lodbrok learning about a new method to navigate a ship to the western lands, and goes on from there. Also, the opening theme is from Fever Ray, which is a nice touch – keeping it in the family and so forth.