Thich Nhat Hanh on why mindfulness is the true way to happiness (Shambhala Sun Audio)

If you’ve seen our new issue, you know that it features Zen master and mindfulness proponent Thich Nhat Hanh — first, in a profile by Andrea Miller, and then, in “Love & Liberation,” a new full-length interview conducted by Shambhala Sun editor in chief Melvin McLeod.

In it, Melvin speaks to Thay (as he is affectionately known) about true love, the benefits of suffering, and why insight will set you free.

In this Shambhala Sun Audio clip, they discuss happiness — and why mindfulness may be the only true way to it.

Click this player to listen:


We’ll have more clips from Melvin’s discussion with Thich Nhat Hanh for you soon. In the meantime, you can browse the entire July 2010 issue here. Or, listen to previous installments of Shambhala Sun Audio, here.


  1. Corey Bobzin says

    Thank you for making this available. I just discovered Thich Nhat Hanh last night and what I have read (and now heard) has had a profound impact on me at this time in my life. I will continue to look to him as a genuine and pure source of goodness in this world.

  2. Shammy says

    It has only been since discovering Thay (about 10 years ago) that I have finally been able to let to and be happy.

  3. Patricia Klein says

    It is wonderful to hear Thay's voice. Thank you SS for this audio. I have subscribed to your magazine for years now. As Marilee stated you are my Sangha as well. I live so far away from a center of practice that I look forward to each issue of the Sun.

    Insight does liberate and being happy in the present momment is what it is really all about. But it takes practice, practice, practice! Mindefulness is the key that opens that door.

    Thank you. Pat Klein

  4. Therese says

    Thank you SS for this interview and the July issue, I can never get enough of the teachings of Thay. Thank God for technology bringing our beloved teacher so close while we are so far away.

  5. Nicola says

    How many of us are even aware that we are not "living in the moment"? The "now" is all we have and all we are, but all people do is strive or crave for something"better", thus never appreciating or even recognizing that they should live in the moment, because only the moment can be enjoyed. I used to believe that life was about "reaching" somewhere, and then being happy, I now recognize that society and consumerism need us to believe this. How hard to live in a world of greed and envy!

  6. Rita Tezanos-Pinto says

    I have discovered Thay a year and a half ago after a good friend suggested to read his book on mindfulness. It has been a wonderful journey becoming aware of the present moment though reading his books and listening to his tapes. Thay's voice is very comforting and his teachings make good sense. –Rita

  7. says

    When my mother Rita continued her journey, i found thay's book.. "no death, no fear"…

    in that book, at that time, i found myself and my buddha nature and the comfort of the dharma
    today i am at peace
    i have arrived
    i am home
    in the here
    in the now
    i take refuge in the Sangha

    thanks for sharing the merit

  8. Addi says

    I'm thrilled to have stumble across this site, there are no chance introductions in my life. Great timing!