Video: Jeff Bridges on the Buddhist influence in “Tron: Legacy”; More on the Tron/Dharma connection

Via comes this new interview conducted by Thomas Leupp:

There’s of course been lots of buzz about the Tron/Buddhism connection.

There’s also an interesting National Post piece about Jeff Bridges, Zen, and Tron: Legacy.

And Bridges’ Tron: Legacy star Olivia Wilde talks in a new interview about how her character, Quorra, is inspired in part by Buddhism, and the “coolest Zen Buddhist alive” — her co-star Jeff Bridges. Check that out here.

And back in October, over at The Worst Horse, eagle-eyed longtime reader Sam DeWitt contributed one of the first looks at the Tron/Dharma connection, including some interesting screengrabs. See that here.

And, just put online at the scifi and geekery site (I say that lovingly) i09, is an article called “Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde say Tron Legacy is all about religion.”

…As one of a bunch of kids who were enthralled by the original Tron (1982), it’s exciting to see that this groundbreaking film is becoming a smart franchise, and especially since it’s doing so while, in its way, growing up with me.

Tron: Legacy opens this Friday. Will you be seeing it?