Video: Looking at “The Practice of Contemplative Photography” with Andy Karr

If you’ve seen our current issue, you’ve likely been struck by the photos found in the feature article “A Way of Seeing,” in which Andy Karr and Michael Wood introduce the concept of “contemplative photography.” Its practice, Karr and Wood say, doesn’t merely change the way we take pictures; it changes the way we see the world. Here Andy Karr shares examples from the new book he and Wood have just released, The Practice of Contemplative Photography. Enjoy.

For more about The Practice of Contemplative Photography and Andy Karr’s tour in support of the book, friend the book on Facebook, or see its page on the Shambhala Publications website.

Read “On Revealing Natural Artistry,” a section from Andy Karr and Michael Wood’s article in our current issue, here.


  1. Dawn says

    I am looking forward to reading this book! I have found photography a very effective way of practicing mindfulness and have captured some amazing shots. Simplicity is beautiful!

  2. Pam Simko says

    What times are you going to be at the bookstore in Boulder and at the Center?