Vipassana pioneer S.N. Goenka dies at age 89

Sources worldwide are reporting that S.N. Goenka, who was instrumental in bringing the practice of Vipassana (insight) meditation to countless practitioners, died yesterday at his home in Mumbai.

You’ll find a lengthy post about Goenka’s life and passing now over at Buddhadharma News.

For more from this iconic teacher, in his own words, read Norman Fischer’s feature-length Shambhala Sun interview with him, “The Universal Meditation Technique of S.N. Goenka.”


  1. Victor Figueroa says

    Goenkaji was a true giant of the Buddhadhamma–spirited, generous, devoted to the liberation of all sentient beings. His influence touches the lives of many practitioners around the globe, from prison cells to palaces. May his example and teachings spread, and may he continue happily on his steady voyage toward perfect Nibbana. And may all beings be happy.


    With great gratitude to Goenkaji and his selfless life. For me, Goenkaji introduced me to the Buddha's teachings. and a way of leading a meaningful and ethical life. The many centres that have sprung up around the world very beautifully are based on donation or dana – so that no-one is prevented from doing a meditation course because they cannot afford it and no-one from teachers to cooks, gardeners etc gets paid for their service, yet all joyfully serve and gain so much ….. May his example be an inspiration for all and may more and more be led out of the ego which causes great suffering …
    Thank you Goenkaji beyond the sky and the Earth…METTA

  3. Sam says

    Goenka was truly a great soul and I shall forever be in his debt. I feel so grateful for the Vipassana he taught me and I know in my heart that his great spirit shall live on forever and ever. He has surely been transported to the Pure Lands where he shall live in bliss eternally.

    Thank you Guruji, for all of your dedication and love.

  4. says

    Hari AUM !!! I was already a long-time Yogini and meditation teacher when I took several Vipassana workshops with Sri Goenka. It changed my life in that it made meditation so easily accessible — for me as well as for those I teach. What Sri Goenka taught was not different from what my guru had taught. It was the way he taught that made meditation clearer and more accessible. I feel privileged for having been able to learn in his presence and I offer my gratitude to this wonderful person and teacher. May his family know that they are in my thoughts and prayers. Jai Sri Goenka!!!