West Memphis Three hearing date set

As we reported in January, it was looking like Damien Echols and his two fellow members of the “West Memphis Three,” Jamie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin, would be granted a new hearing. (Click here for some backstory on the case and its Buddhist connections.) It looks like that the time has come. Representatives of the WM3 are reporting today that “Lonnie Soury, a spokesman for defendants in the West Memphis Three murder case said Circuit Judge David Laser of Jonesboro has scheduled a hearing beginning Oct. 1 and lasting up to three weeks to consider evidence that the three are entitled to new trials based on DNA evidence and jury misconduct.”The statement goes on:

Lorri Davis, Echols’s wife and co-founder of Arkansas Take Action, said, “We are very pleased that Judge David Laser has ordered a three-week continuous evidentiary hearing to review evidence of the innocence of Damien, Jason and Jessie. He clearly wants this case to move as expeditiously as possible. I am hopeful that upon a full review of the evidence there will finally be justice by years end. Every day in solitary confinement for Damien, and maximum-security imprisonment for Jason and Jessie, is a day in hell.”

For more, visit the WM3 website and see our previous coverage, which also includes links to information about the value of the practice of meditation and/or Buddhism for those who are incarcerated.


  1. Xan (via FB) says

    I am very familiar with this story and it saddens me that these 3 boys, now men, were pretty much persecuted for being "different" members of their community. When actually looking at some of the evidence, it is difficult to believe that they had the "knowledge" to perform some of the awful things that were done. Glad to hear they are getting a new trial!

  2. says

    Thanks for bringing attention to the West Memphis Three. Anyone interested in keeping up with the latest – and learning what YOU can do to help – should visit the website co-run by Mark Byers', the father of one of the victims of (Terry Hobbs') crime… and one of the most vocal WM3 supporters out there. Get involved and stay up on the case: http://www.wm3blackboard.com

    Justice for 6 = Free the 3 & arrest the 1

  3. Tina, Dayton OH says

    I have followed this case for several years now and, as a Wiccan myself, (and an experienced paralegal investigator, specializing in civil rights) I was mortified to hear what "evidence" of these young men's religious practice was used to persecute them in such a horrific manner…a return to the burning times, so it seems! Damien, Jason, Jessie and Jason have my full support and vow to include their exoneration as a petition to our Lady and Lord in each ritual my family conducts between now and Samhain — by which time I pray their innocence will be public record!

    • Tina, Dayton OH says

      Yes, I realize I stated Jason twice, but one can apparently not edit ones own writings once they post. Sorry. Blessed Be.