You go, Osiris!

From the Windy City Times comes the story of Osiris Khepera, who threw an interesting birthday party for himself when he turned 30. And not just for himself — someone else was born that day: his drag-queen alter ego, D’Lisha (left). As he told the WCT:

“I had been tumbling the idea around in my head, but was afraid [to try drag] for years,” Khepera said. “I have been practicing Buddhism, which has really opened up something in my life, allowed me to find a whole different source of confidence, and helped me want to reveal my truest self.”

Love it. Check out the rest of the story here.


  1. Mary M says

    Stories like this are a source of sheer joy for me. I love hearing about folks finding the courage to dare to be themselves cuz it's when they can truly be happy and share thier personal gifts with the world freely and sincerely ! Yay Buddhism too for sowing the seeds of personal happiness & fullfilment in yet another soul ! D'lisha, you're divine ! (via Facebook)