“Zen Under Fire” author Marianne Elliott on courage in the moment

Marianne Elliott

How do you stay present with the courage of compassion, even in situations of extreme danger and fear? New Zealand human rights lawyer and self-described “Zen peacekeeper” (not to be confused with the Zen Peacemaker movement) Marianne Elliott relates just that in her recent book, Zen Under Fire — how she managed to do so during a 2006 stint for the UN in Afghanistan when she was tossed into the chaos that ensued after a local tribal leader’s assassination. In this recent HuffPost Live interview, a viewer asks Elliott, “Did you find that focusing on the moment is what got you through the crisis?” Hear Elliott’s response about how a daily meditation practice can mitigate fearfulness about the future and guilt about the past.

Now a determined positive-change agent, Elliott facilitates courses live and online—such as “Zen and the Art of Peacekeeping”—that begin with the question, “Is it possible to do good and be well?” Visit her site for more.