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Who Will Teach the Dharma?

A panel discussion with Ponlop Rinpoche, Jack Kornfield, Yvonne Rand, Ajahn Amaro and Richard Shrobe.

Lion's Roar

The Simple Presence of Attention

Three talks by Toni Packer, a resident teacher of Springwater Center, in Springwater, New York.

Lion's Roar

Politics & Dharma: No Separation

I did not begin to study Buddhism until I was forty-three years old. After years of political activism, I took lay vows.

What is Interdependent Origination?

Interdependent Origination as defined by Francesca Fremantle, a scholar and translator of Sanskrit and Tibetan works.

Lion's Roar

Profile: Zen Hospice Society

People who enter the Zen Hospice Project are not seeking a path of meditation, and they will not hear much about “Zen” or “Buddhism” while they are there.

Do Buddhists Pray?

A panel discussion with Mark Unno, Rev. Shohaku Okumura, Sarah Harding and Bhante Madawala Seelawimala on Buddhist prayer.

Lion's Roar

Readers’ Exchange: Workplace

Buddhadharma readers share their experience of Buddhist practice in everyday life as it relates to the workplace.

The Three Bodies of Enlightenment

A teaching on the three kayas by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

“Facing the Mirror”

What we perceive as the faults of others are simply a reflection of our own. A commentary on two verses of the Dhammapada by the late Ayya Khema.

Money for Nothing

What does Buddhism add to conventional Western conceptions about money?