The Lone Mountain Path: The Example of Issan Dorsey

Kobai Scott Whitney remembers the drag-queen-turned-Zen-abbot of the Hartford Street Zen Center Issan Dorsey and his influence on promoting compassion and the Dharma.

Seven Years in Tibet

French director Jean-Jacques Annaud has prided himself on ambitious films, but none compares to the scope and challenge of Seven Years In Tibet.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on Qawwali

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is perhaps the world's greatest living master of qawwali, a mystical Sufi music.

A Composer’s Journey from Concept to Experience

Peter Lieberson describes his creative journey from the high intellectualism of twelve-tone theory to a trust in the play between spontaneity and technique.

James Hillman says it’s not all in your head

The great Jungian analyst says America could use a healthy dose of rebellion. These problems aren't just in your mind, and they need to be fixed.

Death Rebirth Patti Smith Shambhala Sun

Death and the Rebirth of Patti Smith

A series of deaths-her husband, brother and closest friend--has softened the heart of the once angry poet and singer.

gary snyder

The Wild Mind of Gary Snyder

For the nineties, the celebrated Beat rebel advocates "wild mind," neighborhood values and watershed politics.

Mindfulness Bell: A Profile of Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh's ringing call to practice mindfulness and interconnection has inspired a worldwide movement of politically engaged Buddhists.

John Cage on Emptiness, Silence, and Intention.

Writer and art expert Dean Rolston interviewed John Cage on the occasion of a five-day tribute at Stanford University marking the composer's 80th birthday.

John Cage on meditation and art

Alan Anderson interviews John Cage on the influence of Buddhism and meditation on his work and his life.