Meditators Better Able to Tolerate Pain

Study finds that a group of Zen meditators had a higher threshold for pain—whether meditating or not—compared with a group of non-meditators.

Of Course I’m Angry

As his marriage falls apart, Gabriel Cohen has a chance encounter with Buddhism that shows him the anger is his alone, and serves no one.

Change of Heart

"My heart riffs through a repertory of responses before I can think," says Sylvia Boorstein. But she doesn't mind—she's glad to have a responsive heart.

Strengthening the Will to Live

When we consider the will to live seriously, formulae such as ‘anger is bad, love is good’ become painfully simplistic.

Working With Anger

Working with his own emotions over AIDS and childhood abuse, Gavin Harrison has learned some practical ways to work with anger. Look at it. Feel it. Make friends with anger. Finally, find its wisdom.