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Listen to meditations, interviews, and dharma talks to awaken your heart and mind.

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Awakening to the Goddess: The Art & Activism of Mayumi Oda

With her empowered imagery, she’s connected many to the divine feminine. Andrea Miller profiles the Japanese American visionary Mayumi Oda.

How to Work With Anxiety: 3 Techniques For Lasting Change

Lion’s Roar’s Chris Pacheco outlines three main strategies for moving through feelings of anxiety. 

Finding Freedom: The Death Row Journey of Jarvis Jay Masters

Susan Moon on the spiritual journey of Jarvis Jay Masters, a Buddhist practitioner on death row in San Quentin prison.

How Can I Get My Teenager to Meditate?

If you want the teens in your life to benefit from mindfulness practice, the first step, says Dzung X. Vo, is to have a strong practice yourself.

How to Have the World — and the Life — We Want

Leading Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg talks to Lion’s Roar’s Andrea Miller about how to care for ourselves, for others — and for the future. Because we’re in it for the long haul.

The Sutra That Saved Me

Nichiren practitioner Johnny Edward Dean Jr. reflects on how his daily practice and chanting the Odaimoku helped him navigate mental health challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Everything Is Enlightenment

Enlightenment is everywhere we look, says Joan Sutherland — we can choose to notice it, but at the same time, we can also trust that it will find us, wherever we are.

Seasons of Awakening

Joan Sutherland shares why we must learn to trust the ebbs and flows of awakening — agreeing to all of its seasons and tides.

Gone, Gone, Everything Gone

Like leaves in the autumn or wood in the fire, all things pass. But, there is a moment in which we can see things as they are.

Man with baby on his back, with Roshi Joan Halifax.

Help When Your Heart Breaks

Caring for people who are suffering is a loving, even heroic calling, but it takes a toll. Roshi Joan Halifax teaches this five-step program to care for yourself while caring for others.

To Save the World We Must Come Out of Hiding

When the suffering of the world knocks at our door, says Singhashri Gazmuri, we must be courageous enough to open it.

Trane of No-Thought: How Meditation Inspired Jazz Great John Coltrane

Zen teacher Sean Murphy looks back jazz icon John Coltrane and how meditation practice informed his monumental late-period work. uses cookies to provide necessary website functionality, improve your experience and analyze our traffic. By using our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our cookies usage.