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Listen to meditations, interviews, and dharma talks to awaken your heart and mind.

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5 Reasons to Meditate

The simple act of stopping, says Pema Chödrön, is the best way to cultivate our good qualities. Here are five ways meditation makes us better people.

The Middle Way of Stress

Life is stressful. Although some people claim that contemporary life is especially stressful, I am skeptical whether that is so. Living beings have always had to struggle for food, for shelter, and for safety. They have always had the stress of finding a mate and reproducing. The world is no Garden of Eden.

What Does It Mean to Be Kind?

Each Friday, we share three topical longreads in our Weekend Reader newsletter. This week, Lion’s Roar magazine’s editorial assistant Hal Atwood explores the real meaning of kindness.

Our Storied Bodies: The Interweavings of Coming In

Hilary North-Ellasante examines how our bodies hold on to suffering and what it can tell us about our experience. 

Why You Should Read “That Bird Has My Wings” by Jarvis Jay Masters

Jenny Phillips reviews “That Bird Has My Wings: The Autobiography of an Innocent Man on Death Row” by Jarvis Jay Masters, the powerful memoir first published in 2009 and now in the news in 2022 thanks to Oprah Winfrey’s picking of it for her famed book club. 

The Ultimate Service

Indigo Ocean explores the concept of worship and how it can enrich the Buddhist practice of awareness. 

Karen Maezen Miller, Dishes, Leaves, Lion's Roar, Shambhala Sun, Joshu, Zen, Life

Do Dishes, Rake Leaves: The Wisdom of the Ancient Homemakers

Karen Maezen Miller on how the domestic practice of ancient Zen masters can lead us to intimate encounters with our own lives.

Hand over heart.

A Practice for Developing Kindness Toward Yourself

Valerie Mason-John shares a meditation for cultivating a positive relationship with yourself, and, by extension, the world.

Awakening to the Goddess: The Art & Activism of Mayumi Oda

With her empowered imagery, she’s connected many to the divine feminine. Andrea Miller profiles the Japanese American visionary Mayumi Oda.

How to Work With Anxiety: 3 Techniques For Lasting Change

Lion’s Roar’s Chris Pacheco outlines three main strategies for moving through feelings of anxiety. 

Finding Freedom: The Death Row Journey of Jarvis Jay Masters

Susan Moon on the spiritual journey of Jarvis Jay Masters, a Buddhist practitioner on death row in San Quentin prison. uses cookies to provide necessary website functionality, improve your experience and analyze our traffic. By using our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our cookies usage.