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Listen to meditations, interviews, and dharma talks to awaken your heart and mind.

The Art & Activism of Mayumi Oda

With her empowered imagery, she’s connected many to the divine feminine. Andrea Miller profiles the Japanese American visionary Mayumi Oda.




Amida Buddha Welcomes All Refugees

Jeff Wilson explains how the Jodo Shinshu school of Pure Land Buddhism emerged from the refugee experiences of its two Japanese founders.

Barbie’s Journey to Enlightenment

In the Greta Gerwig-directed “Barbie,” the iconic doll embarks on a pink-hued journey toward enlightenment not unlike the historical Buddha’s. Jennifer Keishin Armstrong explores how “Barbie” serves as a meditation on consciousness, impermanence, and the true nature of reality.

Embracing the Bodhisattva Vow

Noel Alumit reflects on the daunting commitment of the bodhisattva vows, and how his ordination bolstered his relationship with his mother and culture.

How to Be Kind to Yourself

You have enlightened nature, says Pema Khandro Rinpoche. If you truly know that, you’ll always be kind to yourself. uses cookies to provide necessary website functionality, improve your experience and analyze our traffic. By using our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our cookies usage.