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Listen to meditations, interviews, and dharma talks to awaken your heart and mind.

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Musical Meditations

Lion’s Roar magazine’s associate art director Andrew Glencross looks at three bodhisattvas of the music world: Éliane Radigue, John Coltrane, and Philip Glass.

How to Drink a Mindful Cup of Tea

A cup of tea or coffee is a nice break. Drinking it mindfully is a real break. Joseph Emet teaches us this five-step practice.

Searching for Wisdom in the Clutter

Towering stacks of newspapers, a mountain of clippings — James Kullander feels they might contain some fact that would transform his life.

Jerry Granelli: joy at the drum kit. Photo via Halifax Music Festival.

Remembering jazz legend and Buddhist Jerry Granelli

Jazz musician, composer, music teacher, and Buddhist practitioner Jerry Granelli died on July 20 at his home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at age 80.

Meditation is some serious funny business for Bizarro comic-strip artist Dan Piraro

Rod Meade Sperry reports on the meditation advice recently shared by “Bizarro” creator Dan Piraro.

3 Lessons Pema Chödrön Taught Me

On the occasion of Pema Chödrön’s birthday, Lion’s Roar’s deputy editor Andrea Miller shares the important lessons Pema has taught her.

Churning waves.

Three Methods for Working with Chaos

Pema Chödrön describes three ways to use our problems as the path to awakening and joy.

Distraction Buddha.

The Dharma of Distraction

It goes a lot deeper than how many times a day you check your phone. According to Buddhist teacher Judy Lief, distraction is the very foundation of ego.

The Heart Breaks

The Buddha saw an old man, ill man, dead man, and wise man. As her father’s health declined, Minal Hajratwala saw these same sights. 

The Universe in a Grain of Rice

Andrea Miller reflects on the truth that interbeing is as close to us as the white on rice.

Woman meditating on the beach.

Leaving the Shore of Illusion

As a child, Buddhist practitioner Leslie Davis escaped her painful reality by daydreaming. Through meditation, she’s learned to resist the urge to escape into her mind and focus on the present moment.

Whatever Way the Wind Blows

So-called objective reality, Pico Iyer finds, is as fickle as the weather. Maybe that’s because it’s as much mind as matter.