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The Lion’s Roar Podcast: Silent Illumination with Guo Gu

Buddhadharma editor Koun Franz in conversation with Chan teacher and author Guo Gu.

Her Story

Tracy Franz reviews “The Complete Illustrated Guide to Zen,” “A Quiet Mind,” “River of Offerings,” and more.

Kids and the Climate Crisis

Mary Ray Cate offers parents these Buddhist principles to help children with their fears about climate change.

4 Better Ways to Relate to Money

There’s a lot of neurosis around the subject of money. Financial expert Spencer Sherman on

Simply Satisfying

Forget the complexities of “haute cuisine.” Sometimes a simple, homey ingredient, fresh andwell-prepared, is what Elissa Altman craves.

Does a Dog Have Buddhanature?

Koun Franz ponders the famous koan and the Zen master’s enigmatic answer (it’s not woof).

Commentary: It’s Time to Defund the Causes of Suffering

Following the police killing of Daunte Wright in Minnesota, Constance Kassor examines how calls to defund the police can be linked to the Buddhist call to eradicate causes of suffering.

Be Free of Suffering

Pema Chödrön offers a bodhicitta practice for generating love and compassion for all human beings.


This Life, Which is Wonderful and Evanescent

Blanche Hartman explains one of the Buddha’s most significant teachings—impermanence—and discusses how it can bring great happiness.

The 4 Noble Truths of Emotional Suffering

The Buddha laid out a four-step path to freedom from difficult emotions. Anyen Rinpoche says the secret is understanding why our emotions cause suffering.

Finding Myself in the Garden

Valerie Brown returns to gardening to recover her broken spirit, and discovers what really grows in a garden is love.