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Buddhist wisdom can change your life.

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Imagine releasing yourself from negative thoughts and emotions…

Imagine making choices based on what you know is best for your well-being—not on hopes, fears, and ingrained habits that influence your thoughts and actions…

The good news is that you can change your life. For more than 2,600 years, Buddhist wisdom has helped people free themselves from negative patterns of thought and awaken to the fullness of life. 

Whether you’re a committed Buddhist, interested in learning more about Buddhism, spiritual but not religious, or someone who is seeking a path to personal liberation, you owe it to yourself to discover LION’S ROAR.

LION’S ROAR is about living with wisdom and tranquility in the 21st-century. For over 2,600 years, Buddhist teachers have shown people from all walks of life how to live more loving and more compassionate lives, unshackled from the mental habits that make living difficult. 

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LION’S ROAR is unlike any publication you know. Every issue brings you genuine Buddhist teachings, news, accounts of personal transformation, and meditation techniques from a variety of Buddhist traditions.

In LION'S ROAR, you learn...

Methods to Transform Difficult Emotions

Meditation as an Invitation To Well-Being

How To Tame Your Anxious Mind

How To Water the Seeds of Happiness

Buddhist Wisdom for Living and Dying

Uncover The Golden Buddha Inside You

What is Buddhism?
What is the Buddhist-inspired life?

Buddhism is a path to personal transformation and enlightenment. It’s mind training. It’s a way to understand and heal mental pain. It’s learning to befriend yourself. It’s deepening your compassion for yourself and others. It’s freeing yourself from what’s weighing you down – while it awakens you to a fuller, more aware and satisfying life.

To get started, all you have to do is want to live a better life. Buddhism teaches that by changing yourself, you can benefit others in your life. You already have this ability within you.Buddhism shows you how to bring it out. 

When you subscribe, you’ll learn about Buddhism and Buddhist-inspired living from the world’s most respected Buddhist teachers and people like you who have changed their lives. You’ll learn how to transform suffering into peace, joy, and tranquility.

You’ll meet people whose stories of personal transformation will inspire you, and you’ll learn Buddhist principles and practices from great Buddhist writers, like . . .

  Thich Nhat Hanh on five practices for nurturing happiness…

   Pema Chödrön on how to move forward once you’ve hit bottom…

  Sharon Salzberg on cultivating calm in the midst of chaos…

  Jack Kornfield on the psychology of original goodness…

  Norman Fischer on aging with grace . . .

You’ll meet creative artists like Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter on a manifesto for young artists . . .

John Welwood on the spirituality of intimate relationships . . .

Richard Gere on his journey as a Buddhist and close friend to the Dalai Lama.

Plus writers like George Saunders, Pico Iyer, bell hooks, Alice Walker, and a host of others.

No other publication can show you the way to break through life’s difficulties like LION’S ROAR. It’s as contemporary as today and as wise as the 2,600-year-old heritage of Buddhism.

It’s bright. Colorful. Upbeat. It takes you to the doors of self-liberation and teaches you the practices that can take you through them. It presents Buddhist practice in clear, practical language that you can read and understand without a specialized vocabulary.

What are readers saying about LION'S ROAR?

Why is it no surprise that your essay in the new issue of Lion’s Roar is far and away the clearest and most solid thing I’ve read in ages?

So lucid and so precise...Not a word out of place, and capable of being understood by anyone, really, from any tradition.
Best-Selling Author
Lion’s Roar is such an important part of my life. It is my favorite publication, and is such a healing balm in these challenging times. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Lynn, T.
Opening your magazine has an immediate, calming effect on my psyche. I could literally feel my blood pressure going down as I turn the pages. Your style and content mesh beautifully.
Don K.

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Pema Chödrön’s healing message of loving-kindness has made her one of America’s most beloved Buddhist teachers.

This concise collection of her earthy, insightful articles shows how we can use our problems to awaken our hearts.


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Buddhist wisdom can change your life.

Subscribe to Lion’s Roar magazine and get two years for the price of one, plus a free gift.

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