Our Mission

Lion’s Roar is an independent
non-profit foundation whose mission is to communicate Buddhist wisdom and practices in order to benefit people’s lives and our society, and to support the development of Buddhism in the modern world.

Our Mission

Lion’s Roar is an independent
non-profit foundation whose mission is to communicate Buddhist wisdom and practices in order to benefit people’s lives and our society, and to support the development of Buddhism in the modern world.

About Lion’s Roar

Mission-driven and community-supported, the Lion’s Roar Foundation provides Buddhist teachings, news, and perspectives so that the understanding and practice of Buddhism flourishes in today’s world, and that its timeless wisdom is accessible to all. 

We do this by providing as many entry points as we can: our print and digital publications, our website, video, social media, live events, practice retreats, and more. We try to bring dharma to people right where they are, knowing what a difference it can make in their lives.

Benefit to individuals

The activity of Lion’s Roar supports everyone, from the absolute beginner to the committed Buddhist. In Lion’s Roar magazine, the best of Buddhist thinking is applied to the personal needs and concerns of people of all ages and backgrounds, and shines a light, too, on the broader culture and zeitgeist. In Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly, we publish teachings that help deepen the committed Buddhist’s path. And on LionsRoar.com we publish selected material from both magazines, as well as a steady stream of up-to-the-moment news and digital exclusives. 

Benefit to society

We extend the “Buddhist voice” into the mainstream, providing a helpful additional perspective to citizens of all faiths (and the increasing numbers who do not follow a particular tradition). By bringing Buddhist wisdom to bear on current events—and, of course, perennial human concerns—our work helps point a way forward for us all, Buddhist or not, toward a society that prizes, cultivates, and can uphold universal values like compassion, generosity, wisdom, and peace.

Support for the development of Buddhism in the modern world

Sharing community developments, outlining obstacles, challenges, best practices, and opportunities for Buddhist individuals and institutions, and offering education and discourse about how the Buddhist view may be of benefit to all beings, Lion’s Roar initiatives illuminate and ensure Buddhism’s relevance in the modern world.

How we make a difference

We represent the full diversity of Buddhism in the modern world. Since its arrival in North America, Buddhism has been beautifully varied in its practice and practitioners. We’re committed to celebrating the richness inherent in that diversity.
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Through structured guides and courses, we deliver strong educational material that helps ground our audience in practice and study.
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We offer opportunities for connection and ongoing education to tens of thousands of meditators who tell us that they are “going it alone” outside of any formal community of practitioners—and a broader experience of Buddhism to those whose experience has been defined by a particular tradition.
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We support a deepening of practice traditions in the West, through our content and in conversations we host on social media or at Lion’s Roar events and retreats.
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Recognizing the broad disparity of wealth in the world, we offer thousands of teachings, practical guides, and inspirational stories free of charge—so that the opportunity to benefit from the dharma is as broadly available as possible.
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How you can
support us

You may already support us via a subscription to Lion’s Roar magazine or our journal, Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly, or by purchases you make in our online store. For that, we thank you.

You can also support our non-profit mission directly, by donating to the Lion’s Roar Foundation. Please consider a one-time or recurring donation to help us extend the breadth and reach of our offerings. By donating to the Lion’s Roar Foundation, you join your resources with ours in pursuit of sharing Buddhist wisdom and supporting practitioners—and the dharma—worldwide. Your donation of any amount is very much appreciated. 

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Thank you for your generosity.

“Lion’s Roar has blessed us with the words of the wisest teachers, the flowering of creative art, and the spirit of dharma in its ancient depths and new Western forms.”
—Jack Kornfield

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I find Lion’s Roar magazine the most interesting compilation of simple gifts of elucidation!”
—J. Burden

“This is a love letter: My husband and I have been subscribing to Lion’s Roar magazine since its early beginnings in the 1980’s... With the current political climate and the depressing daily current events, your articles on compassion and kindness serve as a well needed antidote of medicine for my heart and mind. Thank you so much!“
—Katie B., Vermont

“Lion’s Roar—wisdom and ethical journalism for our times. Thank you!”
C. Siebert 

“Keep up your good work. Your team enables this traveler to grow and learn.”
—Annette H., California

Why “Lion’s Roar”?

Our name is taken from a quote attributed to the Buddha: “The proclamation of the truth of the dharma is as fearless as a lion’s roar.” In this context “Lion’s Roar” expresses the fearlessness and confidence needed to present the profound truths of dharma, by way of any and all skillful means.

Who we are


Melvin McLeod

President & Editor-In-Chief

Rod Meade Sperry

Editorial Director, Special Projects & LionsRoar.com

Sam Littlefair

Editor, LionsRoar.com

Lilly Greenblatt

Assistant Editor, LionsRoar.com

Tynette Deveaux

Editor, Buddhadharma

Andrea Miller

Deputy Editor,
Lion’s Roar magazine

Koun Franz

Deputy Editor, Buddhadharma

Lindsay Kyte

Associate Editor,
Lion’s Roar magazine

Rory Lindsay

Review Editor, Buddhadharma

Liza Matthews

Art Director & Associate Editor, Lion’s Roar magazine

Seth Levinson

Art Director, Buddhadharma

Andrew Glencross

Associate Art Director & Production Coordinator, Lion’s Roar magazine

Daniel Goodbaum

Video & Audio Producer

Haleigh Atwood

Editorial Assistant


Ben Moore


Dan Scott

Associate Publisher, Circulation & Digital Editions

Andy Karr

Finance Director

Cindy Littlefair

Operations & Human Resources

Alan Brush

Circulation Planning Director

Iain McGlashan


Sharon Davis

Account Representative

Paul Laybolt

Account Representative

Rebecca Pearson

Circulation Associate

Pam Pedersen

Digital Designer

Alicia Browne

New Initiatives Coordinator

Kenneth Swick


Connie Jones

Administrative Assistant


Our volunteer board of directors includes teachers and community leaders from the Zen, Theravada/Insight, and Vajrayana traditions and supports our vision of inclusivity and diversity of voices.

Charles G. Lief, Chair
Naropa University

Mirabai Bush
Center for Contemplative Mind in Society

Eric Colombel
Tsadra Foundation

Ken Einhorn

James Gimian
Foundation for a Mindful Society

Trudy Goodman

Andy Karr

Melvin McLeod

Ben Moore

Roshi Enkyo O’Hara
Village Zendo

Tim Olmstead
Pema Chödrön Foundation & Tergar International

Brenda Salgado

Gina Sharpe
New York Insight Meditation Center


Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche