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Yoko Ono Lion's Roar Shambhala Sun Lisa Carver

Everyone, it seemed, liked to tell Lisa Carver what she couldn’t do: it wasn’t proper, it wasn’t art, it wasn’t done. But Zen koans and Yoko Ono—now eighty—turned all that upside down. Decades before the dark and angry performance art/No Wave scene of the late eighties and early nineties, Yoko Ono was creating radically unconventional conceptual art. Raised Buddhist and [...]

Buddhism and anime collide yet again

Doraemon Anime Buddhism

We posted recently about a Japanese temple that is using “cute-sexy” anime depictions of deities to promote itself. Now, here’s another surprising trend in Buddhist art. A temple in Thailand is noted for including images of an anime character amongst the symbolism in its murals. Over the course of years, while retouching the walls of the temple, artist Rakkiat Lertjitsakul [...]

Pema chats with Oprah

Pema Chödrön and Oprah

On October 19, the Oprah Winfrey Network will broadcast a feature interview with Oprah and Tibetan Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön. They will discuss Pema’s life, her book, When Things Fall Apart, and techniques for living more consciously. The program will be broadcast at 11AM EST, on the program Super Soul Sunday. Pema is a regular contributor to the Shambhala Sun, and our Pema [...]

Time to re-visit “Twin Peaks”?


Twenty five years after it ended, Twin Peaks is returning to television, director David Lynch announced earlier today. Written and directed by David Lynch and Mark Frost, the 1991-92 series followed an FBI investigation, headed by Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), into the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer. The show is famous for its campy, creepy surrealism [...]

Watch: “Hector” (aka Simon Pegg) goes to Tibet

simon pegg hector tibet happiness

If a good-natured, fun-loving film is your cuppa tea, you know Simon Pegg; think Hot Fuzz, Paul, Shaun of the Dead, and so on. Pegg's latest star turn is in the title role of Hector and the Search for Happiness, in which he plays a psychiatrist who's trotting the globe in search of, yes, happiness. Over at IndieWire, they've got an exclusive, newly released trailer for the [...]

Like Thangkas You Can Hear: Buddhism & the Metal Underground


"Buddhist Metal." That's... a thing? Yes, it is. And it runs the gamut. Some of it's artier, some's goofier, some's pure expression, some of it is capable of conveying real dharma -- if we're willing to listen. Of course, it can be heavy, hectic, screamy music, so it's understandable why many may not be so willing. But there are rewards. Like a Buddhist thangka, the [...]

Cast your eyes upon the sage, there on his *silver* donut throne

Two years after the appearance of the Homer-Simpson-as-Buddha statuette, the toy is now getting a new release in a silver "Silver Anniversary" edition, marking 25 years of The Simpsons on the airwaves. From the marketing copy: "Meditating with a pretzel in one hand, and a giant donut beneath him, Homer, at long last, has found his inner peace. [...] Inspired by The Simpsons [...]

Don’t miss this: NY Times on Would-be Ambassadors of Shangri-La (Updated)

"Tom Hugo seems to be well-versed in Chinese, and he evidently cares deeply about the Tibetan people," writes Andrew Jacobs in his excellent piece from Monday's New York Times. "There’s only one problem with Tom Hugo’s Twitter account." You've probably already guessed what it is. As Jacobs goes on to explain, "Tom Hugo" is just one of a sea of people who are enthusing about [...]

NY Times: “Panhandlers Dressed as Monks Confound New Yorkers”

Today via the New York Times comes a report on male panhandlers dressed as Buddhist monks, and female panhandlers dressed as Taoist nuns, who've become ubiquitous in Times Square: "No one seems to know who they really are or where they come from. The police have taken no official stance, stepping in only when the monks become aggressive. Various Buddhists have confronted the [...]

“Bless this cyber-space with comfort, bliss, and enlightenment” — A “Prayer for Internet Practice”

A "Prayer for Internet Practice" has made its way to the web -- with its own Facebook page, naturally. "This prayer," the page explains, "was requested of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche to help dharma students surf the waves of attraction and distraction on the Internet and turn them to practice." It's not the first time Rinpoche has addressed the online realm so pointedly -- see [...]