NYC workshop: Zen & The Heart of Creative Practice

Joe Raiola MAD Magazine Zazen Zen Meditation Creative Workshop Upcoming Event New York City Lion's Roar Buddhism

Theatre Within, the grassroots non-profit in New York City dedicated to furthering the performing arts as a positive social force, is offering a new workshop—"Zen & The Heart of Creative Practice"—as part of its new tuition-free workshop series. The workshop will be led by Theatre Within Artistic Director, Joe Raiola, who also happens to be Senior Editor at MAD Magazine and [...]

9 surprising facts about Henry Miller’s affinity for Buddhism

Henry miller Buddhist Lion's Roar hummingbird

As someone who spent far too much time hiding in my college’s library, devouring the stories, plays, and letters of Henry Miller, I am flabbergasted now to learn of the depth of Miller’s appreciation of and preoccupation with Buddhism. (Perhaps, given my age, I was focused more then with the more prurient aspects of his work. As Erica Jong once put it, using somewhat faint [...]

If Siddhartha Didn’t Leave Home

Rohatsu Village Zendo Zen Zazen Meditation Jesse Jiry Davis Buddhism Buddha Enlightenment Siddhartha Leave Home Lion's Roar

As A. Jesse Jiryu Davis meditates on the anniversary of the Buddha's enlightenment, he finds a tender connection to the young man who said goodbye to everything. On December 8th I sat in meditation all night with my sangha, The Village Zendo. It's the Zen way to celebrate the anniversary of Buddha's enlightenment. It occurred to me some time in the middle of the night, that [...]

Zen Mountain Monastery abbot steps down

Ryushin Sensei Zen Mountain Monastery Abbot infidelity adultery resign step down

On Sunday, January 25th, Ryushin Sensei stepped down as abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery after it became known that he had been committing adultery for the previous six months. His resignation was requested by Shugen Sensei, the head of the Mountains and Rivers Order, to which Zen Mountain Monastery belongs. In a statement, Shugen Sensei wrote, in part: Ryushin’s infidelity – [...]

Zen teachers issue open letter confronting abuse

Zen Buddhist Teachers Open Letter Confronting Abuse Lion's Roar Buddhism Sexual Assault Eido Shimano

Following Buddhadharma's Winter 2014 cover story on abuse in Buddhist communities, 90 Zen teachers and community leaders have penned an open letter on the issue. As Zen teachers, we would like to express our gratitude for Buddhadharma's recent issue on abuse in Buddhist communities. We also appreciated Mr. Oppenheimer's piece in The Atlantic for "The Zen Predator of the Upper [...]

How Deep Is Your Love?

Death dying sickness love heart sutra jack haubner zen buddhism Lion's Roar

It isn't easy to offer spiritual comfort to a dying man when you can’t stop thinking about yourself. As Shozan Jack Haubner learned, sometimes you just have to fake it. The afternoon I was scheduled to meet the dying man, my laptop got stolen. The crime felt oddly intimate, as though a burglar had snuck into my bed one night and, without waking me, removed the underwear from [...]

Another New Year

New Years Natalie Goldberg Lion's Roar Death

Sitting still in the dark zendo and breathing with others is exactly what Natalie Goldberg needs. On this last night of the year, she wonders what this human life is all about. I wake up this first bitter cold day of the New Year, the streets an ice sheet, and recall my dream: small mice are marching across a flower-papered bedroom with an unmade mattress on the floor and my [...]

Saying No to the Silence of Whiteness

BlackLivesMatter Racism White Silence Catherine Anraku Hondorp Zen

A commentary by Catherine Anraku Hondorp. I’m mad. Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Ezell Ford, Dante Parker all unarmed, all black men, now dead, just one typical month this summer 2014, USA. I’m mad—that none of the white officers who killed them have been charged. I’m mad—that even if they had not died, these black men would likely have been relegated to a second-class [...]

Nothing to Give, No One to Receive It

Joyful Giving Shambhala Sun January 2014 Norman Fischer Buddha

For December, we're celebrating compassion on Lion's Roar and in the current issue of the Shambhala Sun, whose cover pronounces, "Compassion Changes Everything." Here, Norman Fischer says giving is the Buddha way. “May we with all beings realize the emptiness of the three wheels, giver, receiver, and gift.” Zen practitioners chant these words before eating a meal. They [...]

The Paradox of Prayer

Buddhist Prayer Lion's Roar Shambhala Sun

Prayer is alive and well in Western Zen, says Jan Chozen Bays, even as it challenges us to make sense of what we’re doing. Do Zen Buddhists Pray? This question was raised recently among Zen teachers online when someone in a drought-affected area requested that others join in a collective effort “beseeching the blessing of rain in any way that speaks to you.” The ensuing online [...]