Hillary Clinton, meditator? (And what about Bill?)

Hillary Clinton speaking with supporters at a "Get Out the Caucus" rally at Valley Southwoods Freshman High School.

Last fall, Hillary Rodham Clinton said she'd employed meditation during the breaks in her House Select Committee testimony on Benghazi -- presumably to make the ten hours the testimony took up a bit more endurable. After the fact, her presidential campaign director applied a bit of Twitter spin: “In response to many inquiries, Hillary Clinton did not actually meditate during [...]

The Strange Case of Doctor Strange’s “Tibet”

doctor strange, comic, tibet, benedict cumberbatch, tilda swinton, orientalism, marvel, lion's roar, buddhism

The first trailer for Doctor Strange, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch (seen on the cover of the May 2016 Lion's Roar magazine) has now been released. Watch it below, and note all the Buddhist -- or "Buddhism-adjacent" -- imagery. In this piece from the magazine, Rod Meade Sperry explores how such imagery has been used in Doctor Strange, the classic comic book, and why the [...]

Watch Conan O’Brien visit a Buddhist temple in Korea


"It's such a peaceful place -- but the wind chimes are making me crazy." That's Conan O'Brien's first (and, lasting) assessment of Bokwangsa, a Buddhist temple he visited in South Korea, with The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun reprising his role as Conan's sidekick and translator. The two even head inside for a little meditation and some training on the temple's fish-drum. How does [...]

The Mindful Comedy of Garry Shandling

Garry Shandling as the titular character on The Larry Sanders Show.

On Thursday, March 24, the entertainment world was shocked by the passing, at 66, of comedian Garry Shandling. Though truly beloved by fans and comedy peers alike, not many people knew that Shandling considered himself "a serious student of dharma" who felt a connection to Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh's tradition of Buddhist teaching and practice. In this excerpt from his [...]

Comedian and “serious dharma student” Garry Shandling dead at 66


Garry Shandling -- the brilliant comedian, actor, and comic writer behind several classic TV series, including his own It's Garry Shandling's Show and The Larry Sanders Show -- has died, according to the celebrity gossip site, TMZ (and now, other sources). Shandling also considered himself “a serious student of dharma," and was a longtime mindfulness practitioner in Thich Nhat [...]

Watch “The Eye-Opener,” a beautiful short film about making Buddhist statuary

Statue, Buddhist, Lion's Roar, Eye, Open, Paint, Art, Nalanda, Video

We're pleased to share a beautiful new short film, directed by François Schick, titled "The Eye-Opener." Why "The Eye-Opener"? It's about the relationship between a devotional artist and his or her art. In the creation of the art, the artist experiences an illumination, a sense of imbuement of the qualities that said art is meant to depict or represent. In turn, though, [...]

9 surprising facts about Henry Miller’s affinity for Buddhism

Henry miller Buddhist Lion's Roar hummingbird

As someone who spent far too much time hiding in my college’s library, devouring the stories, plays, and letters of Henry Miller, I am flabbergasted now to learn of the depth of Miller’s appreciation of and preoccupation with Buddhism. (Perhaps, given my age, I was focused more then with the more prurient aspects of his work. As Erica Jong once put it, using somewhat faint [...]

Meet Iron Fist, Marvel’s controversial “billionaire New York Buddhist monk martial arts superhero” (Updated)

Iron Fist meditating.

There's no shortage of Buddhist (or pseudo-/quasi-Buddhist) comic heroes. There's the White Lama, the Green Lama, Wolverine, and even Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Batman too have had their Buddhist manifestations, if only in one-shots. One qualifying character who's come and gone more than once is now back again: Iron Fist, who first appeared in 1974 and will now be getting his [...]

Jazz giants (and Buddhists) Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter urge artists toward compassion

Herbie Hancock with Wayner Shorter.

Jazz pioneers Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter are well known for their formative roles in twentieth- and twenty-first century jazz, having played together in Miles Davis's legendary "Second Great Quintet" (1964-69) and composing and performing as bandleaders and collaborators throughout their careers. What they're both less known for, though, is their devotion to Buddhist [...]

Ai Weiwei brings light to “Tibet on Fire” as news of first 2016 immolation protests breaks


The phenomenon of Tibetans—mostly monks and nuns, but also some citizens—immolating in protest of Chinese occupation has been going on since 2008. In that time, some 150 immolations have taken place. And while they may seem to have slowed down for the moment—there have been times when we've seen two or three incidents in a single week—they're not over. In fact, just today it's [...]