Students for a Free Tibet flag important issue

#TibetFlagChallenge Tibet Students for a Free Tibet Flag China Twitter

On January 14th, Students for a Free Tibet launched the #TibetFlagChallenge. The organization is asking people to fly a Tibetan flag, post it to social media, and challenge three more friends to do the same. According to the group’s website, the aim is to “shine a light on the Tibetan flag and the Tibetan people’s struggle for freedom.” The campaign comes in the run-up to [...]

An Olive Branch to host Buddhist ethics webinar

An Olive Branch Be Proactive Abuse of Power Confronting Buddhism Sangha Teachers Misconduct Controversy

Starting January 27, An Olive Branch will host a free series of webinars, titled “Ethics in American Buddhist Groups.” An Olive Branch is a Buddhist-inspired organization that works with communities to resolve conflict and create ethical governance systems. The webinar addresses the issue of misconduct by Buddhist teachers and community leaders, which Buddhadharma address in [...]

Major changes for Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism announced

Sakya Trizin Major Changes Buddhism Lion's Roar News Tibet

In December His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trizin announced major changes for the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism's approach to leadership. Traditionally, the tenure of the Sakya Trizin or "Sakya Throne-Holder" has lasted for a long period, often till the end of one's life, having been given to a candidate from a household belonging to the Khön family line. Now the post of Sakya [...]

Wirathu’s latest comment is just a drop in the bucket

Wirathu Time Magazine Cover Buddhist Monk Terror Whore UN Envoy Muslims Violence

Burmese monk Wirathu made worldwide headlines earlier this week for a disparaging comment he'd made about a U.N. human-rights envoy who criticized proposed laws that she insisted hurt women and non-Buddhists. "Just because you hold a position in the United Nations," Wirathu said in a public address, "doesn't make you an honorable woman. In our country, you are just a [...]

Michael Grady to retire from Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

Cambridge Insight Meditation Center Michael Grady Retiring News

From Lynne Whittemore, Executive Director of Cambridge Insight Meditation Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, comes this announcement on the retirement of CIMC guiding teacher Michael Grady, issued Thursday afternoon: [...] Michael Grady has recently finalized a decision to retire from the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. Michael will be leaving CIMC at the end of [...]

Free event on women, Buddhism, and social justice at NYU

Sitting Still Standing Up NYU Buddhism Women Social Action Panel Discussion Upcoming Event New York Angel Kyodo Williams Gina Sharpe

On February 3, The Mindfulness Project and The Center for Multicultural Education and Programs will present a panel discussion, “Sitting Still, Standing Up,” on women, Buddhism, and social justice at NYU. There will be discussion, guided meditation, light yoga, and refreshments. The panel will include angel Kyodo williams, founder and senior fellow of Transformative Change, [...]

Watch: Matthieu Ricard says altruism is the solution

Matthieu Ricard TED altruism climate change inequality Buddhism meditation

In a TED Talk published yesterday, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard offers his simple solution to climate change, biodiversity loss and global inequality. The problem, he says, is selfishness, and the solution is altruism. It's a simple—even naïve—idea, but Ricard makes a compelling case that altruism is a real, effective solution. Also, read "Why Can't 'I' Be Happy?", Ricard's [...]

Pope, Dalai Lama to meet after all?

Pope Dalai Lama Meeting Nobel Catholic Buddhism Sri Lanka

Yesterday, Pope Francis stated that he is open to meeting with the Dalai Lama. Last month, the Pope came under criticism when reports emerged that he had refused to meet with the Dalai Lama, who was in Rome for a summit of Nobel Peace Prize recipients. "The usual protocol of the secretary of state is not to receive heads of state and high ranking personalities when they are [...]

Buddhist scholar Dhongthog Rinpoche dies

Dhongthog Rinpoche, via Rigpa Wiki.

The widely respected Sakya lineage scholar Dhongthog Rinpoche has died. On January 22nd, The Tibet Post reported that Dhongthog Rinpoche died on the 13th of January in Seattle. He was 83 years old, and is survived by  his wife, two sons, daughter, and extended family. According to his Rigpa Wiki entry: After being recognized as the fifth reincarnation of Jampal Rigpai Raldri [...]

Zen teachers issue open letter confronting abuse

Zen Buddhist Teachers Open Letter Confronting Abuse Lion's Roar Buddhism Sexual Assault Eido Shimano

Following Buddhadharma's Winter 2014 cover story on abuse in Buddhist communities, 90 Zen teachers and community leaders have penned an open letter on the issue. As Zen teachers, we would like to express our gratitude for Buddhadharma's recent issue on abuse in Buddhist communities. We also appreciated Mr. Oppenheimer's piece in The Atlantic for "The Zen Predator of the Upper [...]