Thinking good thoughts for Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell Hospital Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche Refuge Road Lion's Roar Buddhism

We're thinking especially fondly today of singer/songwriter/multifaceted musician Joni Mitchell today, having gotten the word that she was hospitalized last night after being found unconscious in her home. Thankfully there's already positive news, via “She regained consciousness on the ambulance ride.... She is currently in intensive care undergoing tests and [...]

Shambhala Sun endorses Ted Cruz for President

Shambhala Sun Ted Cruz President

The Buddhist magazine Shambhala Sun (part of the Foundation that also publishes this website) has announced its first-ever explicit endorsement of a U.S. presidential candidate: Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Being that Buddhists are usually assumed to be liberals, the magazine’s move might come as a shock to some. In a press statement released late yesterday, the Shambhala Sun’s [...]

Michael Imperioli talks Buddhism and The Sopranos

Michael Imperioli WTF meditation Lion's Roar sopranos News Buddhism

In a new interview with comedian Marc Maron on Maron's famous WTF podcast, the multitalented Michael Imperioli gets personal -- about acting and directing, life after his stint on The Sopranos, playing music, cooking (he was the winner of the Chopped Tournament of Stars), meeting Lou Reed as well as Allen Ginsberg and other Beat figures, and his practice of Tibetan Buddhism. "I [...]

University of Arizona launches Buddhism Studies minor

University of Arizona Buddhist Studies Minor Lion's Roar News

The University of Arizona has announced that it will launch a Buddhism Studies minor this fall. The minor will include courses in Asian Religions, Religion in Japan and in India, Zen Buddhism, Buddhist meditation traditions, and the history of East Asian Buddhism. "Much, if not most, of the Asian world is Buddhist, or has Buddhist traditions, and Buddhism is a large [...]

The Economist on China’s Dalai Lama policies: “Preposterous”

Dalai Lama China Economist Reincarnation Lion's Roar News Buddhism

In a scathing article published this morning, The Economist called China's policies towards the Dalai Lama "nonsense" and "preposterous." Media attention around China-Dalai Lama relations has ramped up this month after a Chinese official, once again, asserted that China has jurisdiction over the Dalai Lama's reincarnation. The New York Times quoted Communist Party official Zhu [...]

Michelle Obama tours Buddhist sites in Asia

First Lady Michelle Obama, along with Ambassador Caroline Kennedy and Jack Schlossberg participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, while visiting Kiyomizu-Dera Buddhist Temple in Kyoto, Japan on March 20, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

Last week, Michelle Obama completed a tour of Asia, promoting girls' education and visiting sacred Buddhist sites. "Buddhism is focused on helping its followers reach enlightenment through meditation and teachings on morality and wisdom," wrote Obama in a blog post." In Cambodia, Obama visited the famous temple Angkor Wat. "I couldn't be more thankful," she wrote about [...]

Watch: Women, Buddhism, and social justice at NYU

women buddhism social justice gina sharpe angel kyodo williams NYU Lion's Roar Buddhism video watch

On February 3, The Mindfulness Project and The Center for Multicultural Education and Programs presented a panel discussion, “Sitting Still, Standing Up,” on women, Buddhism, and social justice at NYU. The video is now available to watch in full. The panel features Leslie Booker, Sebene Selassie, angel Kyodo williams, and Gina Sharpe. Sharpe and williams were recently [...]

Inquiring Mind ceasing publication; seeks to make big share to prisoners

Inquiring Minds Cease Publication Prisoners Lion's Roar Buddhism News

From Barbara Gates, co-editor and co-founder (with Wes Nisker) of the venerable Buddhist publication Inquiring Mind, comes notice that after some three decades, the magazine is folding. Barbara writes: This journal, published with low overhead, on newsprint, and financed by donation by those who could afford it, is, after 31 years of service, completing its final issue in [...]

Help Kickstart a “cinematic pilgrimage into the heart of India”

Journey Om John Bush India Pilgrimage Kickstarter Crowdfunding Documentary Lion's Roar Buddhism News

Filmmaker John Bush, who made the famed "Journey into Buddhism" trilogy -- Dharma River (which takes us to Laos, Thailand, and Burma), Vajra Sky Over Tibet, and Prajna Earth (Bali, Cambodia, and Java) -- is back at work on a new documentary project. Journey Om: Into the Heart of India is a non-sectarian "cinematic voyage into India's 5000-year-old tradition of pilgrimage to [...]

Fire claims prayer room at Australian Buddhist center

Photo by Tenzin Namgyal, via Bendigo Advertiser.

On Friday, a fire at Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery, an FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition) center in Australia, left the monastery without its recently built prayer room. So new was the room, in fact, that it was not yet insured. This constitutes a loss estimated at $145,000. The fire was caused by ritually lighted candles that were forgotten. A [...]