Ashoka Mukpo cured of Ebola [Updated]

ashoka mukpo ebola

[Update, 4:30pm, October 24th: Mukpo gave an exclusive interview with NBC on October 22nd. You can watch it, here.] [Update, 4:45pm, October 22nd: Mukpo released a statement on his experience, earlier today. In it, he thanked everyone who helped him overcome the disease and expressed hope that the situation in West Africa may improve. Read the whole statement, [...]

Support the Dalai Lama Foundation’s “Living History” campaign

dalai lama living history campaign

Who is the Dalai Lama, and what does he stand for? The Dalai Lama Foundation wants to answer that question simply and definitively with one website, “The Living History of the Dalai Lama” – an interactive, comprehensive online experience of His Holiness’s life, teachings and accomplishments. The Foundation is striving to launch the site next year, and you can help. They have [...]

Washington Post on China’s Tibetan refugee crackdown


Since 2008, the Chinese government has been increasing its effort to prevent Tibetan refugees from escaping to India. This year, only 100 refugees have made it across a border that once saw thousands of wayfaring Tibetans each year. Yesterday, The Washington Post's Annie Gowen reported on the crackdown: "Declining numbers of refugees are likely to have a profound effect on the [...]

New York Times on Jack Kornfield: “one huggable ex-monk”

jack kornfield new york times

On Wednesday, T Magazine, the New York Times’ style magazine, ran a profile on Jack Kornfield, the co-founder of Insight Meditation Society and Sprit Rock Meditation Center. The profile, by academic and journalist Tim Wu, explores Kornfield’s difficult upbringing, his time in Asia, the establishment of Insight Meditation Society, and the inception of “loving-kindness” teachings [...]

Dalai Lama congratulates Satyarthi and Malala on Nobel Peace Prize

The Dalai Lama wrote messages of congratulations to both Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi on their jointly-awarded Nobel Peace Prize. To Kailash Satyarthi, 60, who was awarded the prize as recognition of his work as a children's rights activist in India, the Dalai Lama wrote: Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation and someone I consider to be a personal mentor, has [...]

Ashoka Mukpo on “remarkable” road to Ebola recovery

ashoka mukpo ebola

Last week, we reported on Ashoka Mukpo – the son of the late Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche's widow and his personal physician, Mitchell Levy – and his battle with Ebola. Today, happily, the Providence Journal writes that Mukpo is recovering well, and the main question is when he can come home. In an interview, Levy said that Mukpo is "eating – pancakes, burritos, and a pint of [...]

Empire State Building glows red for the Rubin Museum


Tonight, Rubin Museum founders Shelley and Donald Rubin, with actor Peter Sarsgaard, will flip the switch on the Empire State Building’s lights, turning it red in honor of the museum’s tenth anniversary. The museum, dedicated to Himalayan art, opened in Manhattan on October 6, 2004. See our post about the anniversary, here, and check out our July feature on the Rubin, here. [...]

Tragic loss following attack outside Berkeley Zen Center

Our thoughts are with everyone at Berkeley Zen Center as they face the violent loss of Seiu Shinshu Nancy McClellan, the community's gardener and a longtime member, who was stabbed to death during a carjacking attempt near BZC following a wedding held at the center. She initially survived and was hospitalized; we are just learning now that she was later taken off life support [...]

Ashoka Mukpo diagnosed with Ebola after covering outbreak

ashoka mukpo ebola

Ashoka Mukpo, the son of the late Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's widow, Diana Mukpo, and her second husband, Mitchell Levy (Trungpa Rinpoche's personal physician), has contracted Ebola. Mukpo has spent years volunteering in West Africa, and returned to Liberia when the outbreak began. He was working as a cameraman for NBC News, covering the epidemic, when he contracted the disease. [...]

Tibetan man hospitalized after self-immolation

Burning Figure

On September 16 a Tibetan man named Kunchok set himself on fire outside a police station in Tibet to protest Chinese rule in Qinghai Province. He is being treated, but an anonymous source said that Kunchok is unlikely to survive. This is the 133rd Tibetan self-immolation since 2009, and the second this month. Radio Free Asia has more information here. Also, for more [...]