Video: Imogen Heap goes to Bhutan; inspired musicmaking ensues

She went to Bhutan for “the amazing scenery, to meet people I didn’t know much about, and to discover a new culture,” says musician Imogen Heap — and sure enough, all of this has come into play in her new music. In this behind-the-scenes clip behind the making of two new songs and their videos, Heap explains how the sights and sounds of Bhutan — temple bells, the crackling of fires, the thwick of an archer’s bow, Buddhist monks and nuns chanting, “somebody shoeing a horse,” — inspired her and actually became part of her work.

It all makes for very enjoyable watching. And once you’ve done so, view the videos for the two songs (links open in new windows): Click here to watch Cycle Song. | Click here to watch Climb to Sakteng.

Thanks to our friend Steve Silberman for the tip.