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Facing Death with Wisdom & Compassion

In this audio collection, Trudy Goodman gives a talk and teaches a practice for “cutting through deep identification with the body”; Judy Lief explains how to relate to death (and life!) through Tibetan Buddhism’s bardo system; Roshi Joan Halifax teaches practices for transforming grief. 

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What the Buddha Taught About Death

The teacher and founder of InsightLA shares a dharma talk in which she gets personal about the difficult emotions that come up in “the vortex of death and dying.”

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Guided Meditation on Appreciating Your Precious Life

Goodman shares a “streamlined” version of a Tibetan meditation practice that helps us appreciate our lives and, when the time of death comes, to face it with a sense of offering.

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How to Relate to Death and Life Through Tibetan Buddhism’s Bardo System

The author of Making Friends with Death on how to relate to the changes and losses in life.

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Four Practices for Transforming Grief

The abbot of Upaya Institute and Zen Center leads us in four practices for working with grief and loss.

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